We all know that iMessage users are increasing day by day and our new generation is active and never stays away from the usage of iMessage. If your kid or spouse also uses this app, you need to be aware. For this purpose, you will want to know how to log into someone’s iMessage without them knowing. It makes sense. However, the most commonly asked question in this regard is that “If I log into someone’s iMessage, will they know?”. Never! We have come up with the three most appropriate methods for how to log into someone’s iMessages without even knowing them. For this purpose, you should read this comprehensive guide on how to get someone else’s iMessages on your phone.

Without further ado, let’s get started and go through the three authentic and working ways of intercepting iMessages.

1.    Intercepting iMessages with eyeZy

The most important reason why you will want to proceed with eyeZy is that you will know exactly what your kid is doing on iMessages. It is a tool which is used for all kinds of hacking purposes. Note that it gives you remote and secret control over the complete iMessage application so that you will log into someone’s iMessage without them knowing. You can rely on this tool as the parental control application and utilize it for all kinds of phone monitoring, like undetected screen recorder.

Remember that the app is perfectly compatible with all kinds of devices such as iPhone and Android. So all you need to do is to link the target phone by downloading eyeZy and using the relevant option on the eyeZy dashboard.

Here are some of the parental control features of eyeZy that you will love.


  • Gives you complete control over the app without getting noticed.
  • Serves as a great parental control application that is perfectly compatible with iOS operated devices
  • Provides you all monitoring of iMessages on the real-time
  • You can also receive someone’s iMessages without them knowing
  • The dashboard gives you remote access to all kinds of analytics including the number of messages received and sent.
  • It is super simple to use as you can get access to stealth mode so that you will never get noticed. In this way, you no longer need to worry about “if I log into someone’s iMessage, will they know?”
  • Can perfectly record shared media, videos, documents, and all kinds of GIFs and iMessage attachments
  • Contact details and relevant information about the timing of messages and call logs will also appear in the form of threads.
  • You will easily be able to get yourself acknowledged about the messages that are being sent and received in real-time without having physical access.
  • Allows you to hack iMessage without technical problems, bugs, or delays.
  • Various discount offers are introduced from time to time

After extensive research, we highly recommend this application. If you want to know how to log in to someone’s iMessages, use eyeZy because it has the potential to intercept iMessages and work as a great way to receive someone’s iMessages.

2.  Logging In To Someone’s iMessage Via iTunes Backup Extractor Spyic

Do you want to log into someone’s iMessage without them knowing? Well, here is another solution. Just make use of your common sense and you will know that it is super simple to receive someone’s iMessages on your phone by using the iTunes backup extractor, Spyic. It is basically the tool that immediately backs up all the information in the iPhone including all the chats and other details. From that particularly backed-up data, you can see text messages and all the other information that is stored in the iPhone.

Remember that it allows you to access the latest information on Apple devices that are issued with regular backup options.

When you have Spyic installed on your phone, you want to proceed with the iCloud backup method. All you need to do is to proceed with cloud ID and password and leave the rest is Spyic. It is the great automatic solution that will immediately bring an updated backup in front of you so that you will be able to access it on the dashboard of the application. On the interface, you also see all the details regarding the number of messages sent and received along with timestamp and contact details.


  • Allows you to hack everything on iMessage including photos, contacts, location, and all the detailed chats
  • The targeted person will not have even the slightest idea that you are hacking their information. So feel free to receive someone’s iMessages.
  • The interface is to understand and when you open the dashpot you will immediately get access to all the messages that are sent and received.
  • Spyic has the pleasure to serve as an iTunes backup extractor and give you access to all the extracted data.
  • You can get information without any kind of technical hassle.

3.  Viewing Someone’s iMessages Using Apple ID

If you know someone’s Apple ID credentials, it will definitely be a golden chance for you to log into someone’s iMessage without them knowing. For this purpose, all you need to do is to try to get the complete Apple ID credentials so that you will be able to receive someone’s iMessages on your phone.


  • Makes intercepting iMessages a super easy and simple process
  • The person will never know that you are using his information to get iMessages.
  • As it is a super-secret process, you no longer need to worry about “if I log into someone’s iMessages, will they know?”

Wrapping Up: How To Get Someone Else’s iMessages On Your Phone?

It is a no-brainer that if you want to know how to log in to someone’s iMessages without them knowing, eyeZy is the best solution. It makes intercepting iMessages quite an interesting process so that you can immediately log into someone’s iMessage without them knowing. You can use it for parental control purposes. It will immediately give you an insight into what your child is doing. Moreover, people can also use it to check out whether their spouse or partner is cheating on them and what kind of media files are mutually shared.