South Carolina is a huge draw for folks looking to retire. The winter temperatures are pleasant, the towns are charming and packed with things to do, the coast is close, and the cost of living is affordable.

When you are considering where to go post-job life, take a look at Charleston houses for sale or condominiums in Columbia. Palmetto State is a wonderful place to settle down for many reasons.

Life Moves Slower

After the hustle and bustle of a long-lived working life, many people want to slow down. South Carolina has smaller cities and a lot of natural green space, making the pace of life much different than other metropolitan and their surrounding areas.

The people of the state also lend to this relaxed aesthetic. They are full of southern charm, and prize get-togethers with loved ones, and good conversation, even with strangers.

There’s Much Natural Beauty to Enjoy

No matter what region of South Carolina you land in, there’ll be an abundance of natural beauty to soak in.

The glistening water and signature palmetto trees make the state’s coastline a paradise. The Blue Ridge Mountains provide peaceful surroundings for cabin getaways, and inland lakes like Lake Marion are great spots for lounging and fishing.

Those who prefer an active lifestyle among scenic nature landscape are in for a treat: there are many hiking and biking trails, bodies of water for boating and fishing, and even a plethora of golf courses to enjoy the outdoors while getting around in.

Keeping Healthy is Easy Here

Given all the things you can do outdoors, plus the pleasant climate year-round, it’s hard to be inactive in South Carolina.

The state also has incredible healthcare facilities, like the Medical University of South Carolina to the Spartanburg Medical Center.

Living Costs are Low

Home prices in South Carolina are significantly lower than the national average. Utility prices vary by location, but are overall on the lower end of the cost spectrum.

Food and grocery costs are also cheaper than the national average, as are transportation expenses. Overall, the cost of living is 6% less than the national average.

Additionally, South Carolina is in the top ten lowest-taxed states in the nation, having some of the lowest property, sales, and personal income tax rates.

You’ll Never Be Left Wanting For Good Food

Grits, oysters, fresh peaches, and tomatoes – South Carolina is filled with cuisines that vary by region, and are reflective of the people who reside there.

Barbecue is an obvious staple of the south and, like most other states, the type here is specific. It’s based mostly on pork, and meat cooked and smoked over hardwood like oak or hickory.

The coast brings with it oysters and Frogmore stew, a low-country dish consisting of boiled shrimp and yellow corn, with additional ingredients including potatoes, crabs, or even sausages.

For those with a sweet tooth, Huguenot torte is a baked apple and pecan or walnut pudding-cake with a crispy meringue-like top often served alongside tea, and benne wafers are crispy and light sesame seed cookies.