We have access to clean, palatable, and secure water thanks to reverse osmosis water purifiers. They protect us from infections that are spread through water and could endanger our lives.

The water filtered by a RO system is fresher, healthier, and safer than bottled water. Calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic and inorganic waste, heavy metals, radioactive materials, and viruses can all be removed from your tap water. Hence, pure and clear water is produced using a RO system.

Why RO system is the need of the hour?

Your health depends on having access to pure, clean, and safe drinking water at home. Water is essential for life but also functions well as a solvent. It has a fantastic ability to disintegrate anything it comes in contact with. These include chemicals, pollutants, bacteria, and viruses that are dangerous to human health and can cause water-borne diseases. This illustrates how important water purifiers are becoming in today’s society.

However, having reverse osmosis water purifiers has a significant disadvantage: high water waste. Depending on whether a RO purifier is being used, the effluent percentage varies. Most conventional RO systems have a discharge ratio of 3:1, with 2:1 being the best. Thanks to Pureit products, reverse osmosis systems with less wastewater are now available. Having stated that, regardless of the RO system you employ, wastewater creation is unavoidable.

Meet the RO purifiers that help you in saving water!

It is a frequent misconception that RO water purifiers squander a significant amount of water while purifying the water. Although RO water purifiers are one of the most dependable ways of water filtration when considering the health and safety of our family, many people prefer to use them.

In India, a large number of households rely on groundwater or rivers for their consumption needs. These sources could be contaminated with a variety of pollutants, including industrial waste, high TDS level, chemicals, heavy metals like arsenic and lead, viruses, and bacteria. These pollutants render water unsafe for human consumption. As a result, RO water purifiers are required since they offer the most advanced filtration technology and can provide safe and palatable drinking water.

The volume of water lost during the filtration process is the only drawback. Hindustan Unilever’s Pureit has created the “Eco Range of RO Water Purifiers” – Eco Water Saver, Max Water Saver, and Marvella Eco – to address the problem of water wastage.

How do Eco RO water purifiers save water?

Pureit Eco RO water purifiers significantly lower the amount of water rejected with the help of innovative Eco RecoveryTM Technology. The RO water treatment process is incredibly effective because of the patented technology, with a High Recovery Rate of up to 80% as opposed to the usual recovery rate of 25–30% of conventional ROs.

More clean water and less water waste result from high recovery.

How much water are Eco RO water purifiers able to save?

Most RO water purifiers on the market today waste up to 2.5 glasses of water for every glass of cleaned water during the purification process., however, Pureit’s Eco RO water purifiers cut water waste to less than 1 glass.

Therefore, using Eco RO water purifiers results in a daily savings of up to 80 glasses of water if a family of 5 consumes 2L of water each day using a 200ml glass.

What additional advantages come with using Eco RO water purifiers?

• Designed to provide the most comprehensive water purification using a 7-stage RO+UV+MF filtration technique.

• Provide 100% pure and safe drinking water that is free from dangerous chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, and excess TDS.

• Whatever your water source, these are ideal to treat many sources of water, including tank, municipal, and borewell sources.

• Reintroduce vital elements like calcium and magnesium to reinforce healthy drinking water.

• Provide your family with impressively large water storage of 10 litres.

Therefore, there is no reason to select a standard RO water purifier when you can select a Pureit Eco RO water purifier that is both environmental and health-friendly. Make an informed decision by examining the whole selection of water purifiers.