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Are you a fan of playing games on your new PlayStation? If yes we’ve got an overview of the Sifu Metacritic game for you. We’ll provide information on this Sifu Metacritic gaming game to assist you in understanding the game and make playing more enjoyable. Sifu is extremely well-liked throughout both United States as well as in the United Kingdom. Are you still wanting to check out our Sifu Metacritic review? Let’s go!

What is it?

Sifu is a contemporary beat-em-up with a gritty, gritty style that includes an intense hand-to hand combat as well as an uncluttered, gritty look. Sloclap is the creator of Absolver which is a highly acclaimed PS4 fight video game.

The game begins with a young kung-fu master taking off on a quest for seek revenge on those who killed his family. He is a single-on-one fighter who is without allies, but is battling a variety of adversaries. To be successful and carry on the legacy of his family He will have to be able to count on his one of an-a-kind kung fu mastery.

Sifu Review Metacritic: Specifications

  • Visit the official website at
  • Sloclap is the game’s creator.
  • Action 3D beat-’em and beat-’em-up are a few of the genres covered.
  • The game will launch in the evening of Eastern Standard Time, 8 February 2022.

What’s the game’s promotion?

Sifu is the latest game developed by Sloclap (the animators’ studio behind Absolver) Absolver) is available now. The third-person adventure game is a intense hand-to-hand combat, and lets you play the role of a teenage Kung Fu student. In the early 2022 timeframe the game will be released on PlayStation 2. Sifu Metacritic Keep reading learn more!

What’s the opinion of players on The Sifu Game?

Noisy Pixel has written the following: SIFU was an action-based game. Its systems for role-playing games are not designed to stop participants from playing in this thrilling story of revenge.

It’s the most effective method of imagining the complete experience. It’s rewarding as well as extremely challenging. But, he did have lots of fun trying to determine whether he was either 25 or 55 years old in the game The Metacritic. He also recommends it to everyone.

IGN France said that Beat Them is an extremely well-constructed beat. Every element of the game has echoes that Metroidvania as well as Rogue elements. The game encourages players to move forward with their lives.