Did you know that 75% of employees rate teamwork and collaboration as being very important? Proper collaboration and teamwork can reduce employee turnover by 50%. 

Are you a team leader or a business owner who wants to learn how to motivate a team to enhance business efficiency? Well, we have some great tips on how to lead a team better in the article below, so keep reading. 

Have Clear Directives in Place for Each Team Member

Without clear goals on what each team member is contributing to the team and to the business, progress becomes hard to achieve. Once you have your team members in place, ensure you have a meeting with each one of them individually to inform them what their particular roles and goals are.

This will allow them to contribute to the big picture with efficacy and confidence. It will also give you a clear way of establishing incentives and bonuses because everyone will know if they are meeting their goals or not.

Allow Your Team Members Time To Collaborate Informally

Too many companies pack their employees’ time with unnecessary and useless meetings, so that teams don’t have time to relax with each other and have informal conversations about their projects and goals. But these informal ‘meetings’ are the ones where a lot of innovative ideas and projects pop up. 

If you need to have meetings, have an agenda for them, only invite necessary team members, and finish your meetings on time. Do not bring non-agenda items into the meeting or get distracted by irrelevant items. This guide on virtual meetings can help as well.

Don’t Use Punishment Against One Team Member To Motivate Others

No matter if you are dealing with a two-person team in-house or a 10-person team spread across the world, you must not use punishment or negative feedback (especially in front of the team) as a way of motivating your employees. If you need to give feedback, always do it privately and in a way that comes across as an opportunity to improve. 

Avoid Micromanaging Your Team Members

No one likes micromanagement. Not only is it disrespectful to the professional you’ve hired, but it gives a clear sign that you don’t trust them or their skills. As much as possible, be hands-off with your team members, only coming in to help when it’s clear that without your intervention, there will be no progress.

This doesn‘t mean that if your team member comes asking for help that you avoid giving them feedback. Know when to offer advice and when to step back. 

How To Motivate a Team With Ease and Panache

It’s not an easy task when you are trying to learn how to lead employees to success and profits. But the more you apply the tips offered above on how to motivate a team, the further ahead you will be. 

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