When the lights go out and the power shuts down suddenly, you need a reliable generator. Panic ensues when the generator fails to kick in and your machines and operations stay eerily silent.

Basic generator maintenance will ensure you have a generator you can count on. But how does a person maintain a generator? What do you need to do?

When you’ve finished reading this article, you will know the five main generator maintenance mistakes to avoid. 

1. Poorly Trained Technicians

If you have an industrial generator which is not working properly, contact with a professional generator maintenance companies. A specialist will know how to maintain your generator for your specific industry.

You can trust your on-site employees for basic maintenance. But when you need annual maintenance, call in a maintenance contractor. An inexperienced employee can cause damage to the generator and harm themselves in the process. 

A good generator maintenance company should have the following qualities: 

  • Knowledge specific to your industry
  • Knowing the impact of lost work time
  • Calm demeanor during an emergency
  • Attributes that focus on safety and quality control
  • Experience within the industry

Using a maintenance technician with these qualities will ensure your generator runs when you need it to. 

2. Reacting Instead of Preventing

Many times we don’t know we have a problem with our generators until we need them. 

To avoid surprise problems, have a proactive stance rather than a reactive stance. Make maintenance a priority by conducting routine inspections for your standby generators. 

Your initial inspector should keep and maintain clear records so you can see exactly how they’ve maintained the generator. 

Learn about your generator as well. Look for resources about your specific generator such as a resource on a AVR generator

To avoid common generator issues, implement a detailed maintenance plan and schedule. Then establish a training program so your employees know how to report maintenance problems. 

Also, develop a maintenance budget so you know you can afford the proper maintenance. 

3. Fuel Mistakes

Use high-quality fuel. Poor fuel quality will cause microbes to contaminate your tank. The contamination will ultimately damage the fuel injection system in your generator. 

Also, use the proper quantity of fuel. If your generator does not have enough fuel, it will shut down. 

4. Not Running Your Generator

Do not leave your generator off all the time. Have your maintenance team run the generator periodically to reduce the risk of it shutting down. Also, when you run it, you will identify any problems it may have before you find yourself in a situation where you need the generator to work. 

5. Oil Issues

Change the oil in your generator frequently. This will keep the engine running in the best possible way. 

Make sure you have adequate oil in the generator at all times. Too little oil can cause your generator parts to corrode. This causes unnecessary wear and tear on your machine. 

Avoid Generator Maintenance Mistakes

When you avoid these generator maintenance mistakes, you can rest easy at night knowing you have a generator you can count on. You no longer need to panic when the power suddenly shuts down. You know your generator will do its job because you’ve been running your regular maintenance schedule. 

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