According to experts and research, modern-day integrative and lifestyle medicine strategies must include grounding, also known as earthing. This therapeutic treatment is highly beneficial to the human body and is based on simple physics and human physiology. 

The Earth can be considered to be a massive battery that has its natural electrical charge. This particular kind of energy is present in the ground. Almost everything in the electrical sphere is connected to this energy, meaning the term “grounded” in the field of electricals. However, not just electrical devices but the human body also has much to gain from “earthing.” 

In the next part of this blog, we have discussed grounding and how it can help improve your health. Let us look into it in detail. 

Grounding: All You Need To Know About It

Modern lifestyles have disconnected many people from the Earth’s electrical currents’ healing potential. The Earth, as we said, is a massive battery with its own negative charge. Every human being is also electrical, with your body transmitting electrical energy through your cardiac, nervous, and immune systems.

With modern living in high rises and the use of rubber-soled shoes, and asphalt covers on the urban roads, we are isolated from the healing currents of the Earth. But these currents have immense healing potential, and with specialized earthing techniques and practices, you can utilize the potential for better health and well-being. 

The Health Benefits of Earthing For Human Beings

Here are the health benefits grounding can offer when done appropriately and consistently. 

Improved sleep: According to research, earthing improves sleep by normalizing the body’s stress hormones. It can also reduce hot flashes and help you sleep better at night. 

Pain and stress relief: Working in a pretty similar manner as it does to improve sleep, earthing can also help relieve pain and reduce stress. The electrical charges can balance the stress hormones of the body, helping relieve pain and stress. 

A study published in the Journal of Inflammation Research says that when a person grounds, the mobile electrons of the Earth come in contact with the skin and can enter the body. These can work as natural antioxidants, which can free and protect cells, tissues, and organs of the body from oxidative stress.

Reduces inflammation and promotes healing: It has also been seen through research and studies that people who adopted grounding techniques and slept on a grounding system have shown a reduction in inflammation. Not just that, it also helped in quicker healing of injuries. 

Mood Betterment: Earthing also has a significant impact on the mood of an individual. People who have adopted earthing have shown reduced stress and depression and improved mood. 

Ending Note

Grounding is a natural process with immense potential and several health benefits. Adopting earthing techniques appropriately with the help of professionals can help improve your health in various ways.