Smartwatches are seen as a precise way to never lose time. For many people, they have now replaced expensive and old traditional watches. However, many people are strongly drawn to vintage traditional timepieces. Traditional Tufina watches have not only the heart of timekeeping but also hide behind them a breathtaking history.

Tufina watches are better than smartwatches for every reason, and we do not mind getting a little pretentious over that statement. They are little machines that feel alive with all their hidden behind the scene gear, levers, jewels, and crowns. With Tufina’s traditional watches you can just take a look at your wrist to see every tiny detail on the case, dial, strap, and movement.

Tufina watches perform some sort of magic trick by operating independently. They can be used to time your breathing, your lunch break, or even the perfect boiled eggs during breakfast. So the response is no, a smartwatch will never be able to replace an automatic watch. To support this statement, we will give you below a list of benefits to automatic watches, a smartwatch could never compete with.


The main aim of a watch is to tell time. There exist still fields in the industry that require traditional mechanical watches, because of their three hands that count the hours and seconds. We have encountered Flight Attendants and Pilots who have traditional automatic watches as a must during their flights because they use them during medical emergencies to track the breathing and heartbeats of a passenger in difficulty. Other fields that use automatic watches are military men, and home designers, for whom time is essential.

Fewer Diversions

Wearing a watch has the sole purpose of showing the time. Nothing less, nothing more. When checking the smartwatch you get distracted and start checking for updates, check social media or be curious and check any other tool or element. The simplicity of a watch makes it useful for the function it provides. To know the time and keep track of it during the day.


Have you noticed how when wearing something that looks good you get confident and sometimes even cocky? Well, a timepiece adds more to your style. People pay attention to watches. To be honest, we are part of those people who ask other people about where they got their watch when seeing an authentic design. A watch helps in building your confidence and making you feel good about yourself.


When buying a new watch for yourself, one that has a long-time endurance, you also think of who to pass it on to after some time. We are sure we have all seen just how important heirlooms are for a family. That is exactly what we mean. You could buy a Tufina watch, wear it for months and years and pass it to your son or son-in-law, they will pass it to their sons and the tradition will continue. There is something about wearing a watch that holds history and value to it. Just like any other family heirloom, a timepiece is a thing that can be a prized possession for years to come.

Time is Money

It is quite important to build a relationship with time and know the hours left in a day. Nowadays, not many people value or know how much time they have. But it is important. Building a relationship with time helps change your viewpoint on life. The right watch helps you build that relationship. The right watch not only keeps track of your actions and the time you are spending on them, but also makes you appreciate the time and realize that it is something that can change your life. There is a reason why people love using the saying “Time is money”.

Modest Beauty

If you are fortunate enough to own a Tufina watch, you will notice just how beautiful the modest functionality is. Yes, we know what you are thinking – “What’s the purpose of traditional watches, smartwatches can tell time too?” Let us remind you of something you most likely forgot about: Your smartwatch might track time, but it needs a lot of charging to be able to do so. While an automatic watch without batteries, it will keep track of time with simple body motions.

So, what’s the verdict?

If you are still looking for the answer to whether smartwatches will replace traditional automatic watches, the answer is no, they won’t. They are both here to stay. By all means, it’s you, the wearer, the buyer, that will have the great pleasure of choosing. Nevertheless, as a closing sentence, let us tell you that smartwatches don’t normally match your style, traditional automatic watches on the other hand go with everything.