Jaipur is one of the biggest and most glamorous cities in India. It is situated in Rajasthan and is famous for its culture, beauty, minarets, and food. If you are thinking of or planning to visit Jaipur city also called the pink city. You must be a little confused about which travel agency to hire for the tour. As you know, Rajasthan is a very big city and the population is also high. There are various companies in Rajasthan which provide tourism packages but the best for you is Jaipur Routes. Rajasthan Tour packages deal with the best services at an affordable price.

Rajasthan Tour packages is a well-recognized travel agency in Jaipur providing high quality services with best accommodation. They have skilled and knowledgeable drivers and team experts. They provide different types of services related to the journey. 

Facilities provided by Jaipur Routes

Jaipur Routes is one of the leading travel agencies in Rajasthan. They hire highly experienced professionals to work with them. The services provided are:-

Accommodation:-  Rajasthan Tour packages include all the facilities related to accommodation like- breakfast, lunch, dinner, guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, etc. All the responsibilities are of the travel agency. 

Transportation:-  Starting from your journey either by airways, train, or cab all the planning and charges are managed by the travel agency. 

Events and Activities:-  All the events and activities related to the trip are managed by the travel agency. The events like some small parties etc. 

Bars and Hotels:- Few people love to travel and visit bars and enjoy night-out parties. Some hotels have combined bars and the visitors have to just enjoy themselves. 

Advantages of taking a package of Jaipur Routes 

There are various advantages to choosing these agencies as your choice 

1. Rajasthan Tour packages are the best travel agency because of its fast service.  2. The fares fixed by the team are genuine. 

3. They believe in first come and first serve. They maintain a friendly bond between the customer and the company. 

4. The time management of the trip and knowledge of the routes are well-known by the experts. They always choose the short-time route and plan for a safe journey. 

5. The best services and friendly nature of the team make their level to the highest standard.

6. They are provided special training to interact with customers. They are taught to deal with visitors very politely. 

7. Rajasthan Tour packages work with honesty and loyalty. They always take responsibility and complete their desired services. The expert team solves various problems of their customers. 

Why choose Rajasthan Tour packages as your choice 

1. Rajasthan Tour packages provide not only the facilities related to travel but also give you the freedom to enjoy your journey. This is the best feature of the company. 

2. Rajasthan Tour packages give fast and genuine services related to flight, train or hotel booking. 

3. It also gives simple car rental options and taxi hire at your destination journey for travelling to local places. 

4. You can also book your destination journey online with it. 

5. Rajasthan Tour packages provide you with the best offers and genius rewards programs. 


Travel agencies are the best platform for planning a safe journey. So don’t get confused. If you are choosing this agency as an option. This is your best decision. The facilities are relatively high. 

Rajasthan Tour packages can provide the best services related to airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, lodgings, railways, travel insurance, package tours, insurance, guidebooks, etc. For more reference, you can visit its original website.