Most of us have bad eyesight and wear corrective glasses to see the world around us more clearly. Eyeglasses are a comfortable, affordable and reliable means of vision correction. 

Depending on the type of person you are, you either feel excited about new glasses or think that it’s a rather unworthy expense. However, no matter what type you belong to, changing eyeglasses every two years is beneficial for you only. 

Regardless of the condition of your frames or lenses, you might need a new pair every year. Why? Well, because your eyesight deteriorates as you age and your current glasses might fall short to fulfil your vision requirements. 

Replacing your prescription glasses is important for clear and healthy vision. While optometrists recommend getting a new pair of glasses every 2 to 3 years, the number may fluctuate based on your prescription and frame condition. Sometimes you need to change the entire frame whereas other times, a simple glasses lens replacement is enough. Let’s discuss what affects your eye health.

Why does your eye prescription change?

Just like our general health, our eyesight never remains the same. You have the sharpest and clearest vision until you’re 40. For some people dealing with refractive errors, they might need glasses in their childhood and young years too. 

While refractive errors refer to the unusual shape of your eye that changes how light falls on your retina, there are certain age-related vision problems that decline your eyesight. 

The most common vision change that people experience in their 40s is known as presbyopia. In this condition, people lose the near focusing ability and the things nearby become blurry to them. 

If you’re also in your good 40s, you may also experience a change in your near vision. Don’t worry, this problem is common. Get an eye test to get a pair of reading glasses made for you. However, if you don’t have any prior vision problems, then you can buy glasses online in the UK without any prescription. These glasses are called readymade reading glasses.

Signs that you need new glasses

We are not good at spotting vision changes as they’re so minor. So, here are the signs you need to watch out for and get an eye test as soon as you notice any of these signs. 

Frequent headaches 

If you’ve been having throbbing headaches that occur frequently, then it could have something to do with your eyes. 

Since the nerves in our brain and eyes are so closely connected, any problem with your vision also brings frequent headaches. This can also happen if you’ve been on a display screen for too long. This problem is called digital eye strain that disappears on its own after you give your eyes the proper rest. 

If it’s due to an updated prescription, then you will need a new pair of glasses. Or, you can reglaze glasses and get new lenses with your updated prescription fixed in your current frame. 


We squint our eyes when the objects are blurry to our eyes. However, squinting for a long time causes eye strain and discomfort to your eyes. 

If you have started to close your eyes a little bit to see the objects around you clearly then it could be the doing of an updated prescription. New glasses will be the need of the hour for you. Get an eye test to make sure that you need new specs. 

Eye fatigue

It’s normal for our eyes to feel tired after they have been working for too long. But, if it has become the norm even when you read your favourite book for a couple of minutes, then it could be a sign of an outdated prescription. 

When your prescription is not enough for your vision error, your eyes overwork themselves to see clearly through the lenses. As a result, you’ll need new glasses to get perfect vision. 

Blurry vision

What could be a more obvious sign that your eyesight has declined even further? Blurry vision is the most common sign that you need new glasses. 

The vision does not always decline in both your eyes at the same time. Sometimes, it may happen that your right eye is doing fine while the vision deteriorates a little bit in the left one. 

Your glasses are old

If you’re one of those people who wear the same pair of glasses for more than 2 years, then you might be in for some trouble. If you have refraction in the eye, then you should get an eye test every year and change your glasses when your prescription changes. Usually, this happens every two years but if you have an unhealthy lifestyle, then the change might happen more frequently.