Kissable Lips is an interesting yet simple movie about a woman who suspects she is being stalked. She starts to get paranoid and does not know who she can trust. The movie takes you through her journey and her fear of an unknown stalker. The Kissable Lips movie is a simple romance, thriller, and mystery yet interesting movie. It keeps you wondering who the stalker is and what his motives are throughout the movie.

Kim Jun Ho (Kim Ji Woong), who has been an undying vampire for the last five hundred years and has spent that time traveling through history, is now discovering that he is exhausted by his never-ending existence. He is aware that the only way for him to put an end to his unhappy life is to drink the blood of a human being with pure blood and transform into a human being himself. This is because he has lived more lifetimes than anybody ever should. However, identifying a person with an unadulterated bloodline is not quite as simple as one may believe it to be.

Jun Ho is on the verge of delivering up hope of finding such an evasive human when he unexpectedly comes face to face with Choi Min Hyun, an unaware human who encloses the infrequent pureblood. Jun Ho is amazed by this encounter. Min Hyun is Fascinated by Jun Ho’s undeniable good looks, and as a result, he finds himself attracted to the immortal who craves his blood. However, getting near to a vampire is fraught with its own unique dangers, and this is especially true if the vampire you’re attracted to has a very catty immortal crush on someone else.

Kwon Hae So, who has loved Jun Ho for more years than he can estimate, is utterly heartbroken when he finds out that Jun Ho intends to offer his immortality in exchange for the opportunity to experience life and death as a human. Hae Soo concocts a scheme with the intention of luring Min Hyun away from Jun Ho so that he might protect Jun Ho from the consequences of his own ignorance.

Jun Ho is currently at a vital crossroads, Yanked between his long-time companion who has been at his side for eons, and the human who has the potential to grant him every want he has ever had. Will he make the decision to go with his mind or his heart when it comes down to the wire that is his life?

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