The position of the planets in the natal chart changes from time to time and can influence our lives as well. Astrology aims to find the solutions to all these money problems by meaningfully analysing the astrological charts. After analysing, it aims at suggesting remedies thereby. Money is undoubtedly the primary need for us to lead our life. We all want to earn enough to secure the lives of our dear ones and want to ensure an enhanced lifestyle for them.

Money problems can come in our lives in several forms, including debts, job loss, sudden losses, closure of business, sudden expenditures, theft, ups and downs in profession, forgery and accidents, etc. You can get them sorted by having a word with a Good Astrologer in Bangalore

How can astrology solve monetary problems?

Astrologically the second house in a natal chart is related to finance. The fourth house is related to land and property, luxuries, bank balance, and happiness. Money matters are also related to the fifth house. The eighth house is related to explaining the gains through inheritance. Finally, the eleventh house is related to the gains from one’s hard labour and efforts. 

The condition of the lords of these concerned bhavas or houses helps analyse the financial aspect of a native. The strong position of the eleventh house ensures money gains. The shadow of the Planet Rahu signifies immense gain in one’s life, and it is also believed that the person will get immense wealth suddenly and through his efforts. 

The strong position of Venus or its positive influence over the second house is also symbolic of monetary or financial gain. The Association of Venus and Mercury in a strong position can lead to ultimate success in leading a wealthy life. If Jupiter is in the sign of Mars and positively influences Mars, it can also lead to handsome financial gains.

Astrological reasons for financial losses

  • Presence of any dosha in one’s kundali.
  • Eclipses or the presence of grahan yoga are formed in the money houses.
  • Affliction in the house of fortune, income and profession for certain reasons of planets.
  •  Bad health or yoga of bad health so that the person can’t work for a long time.
  • The person won’t have any decision making capability.
  • Kuldevi dosh aur Pret dosha is present in the horoscope.
  • The horoscope shows the weak position of a certain planet associated with money and fortune.

Remedies of the financial crisis

  • The position of the auspicious and benefic planets can be rectified by using several gemstones, Siddha yantra, Kawach etc. It can be used to improve the quality of a person’s financial status.
  • The Vastu remedies can also sometimes be a great remedy for the native’s benefit.
  • In cases of black magic, it is best to consider the necessary methods.
  • You can chant the Maha Lakshmi mantra and other money attracting mantras that may be recited with devotion.
  • Astrology also suggests specific yantras for different planets that can be placed in the house. The yantras are suggested after the detection of the problem.

Remedies according to astrology to overcome the monetary crisis 

Some of the simple astrological tips can help you to overcome your financial crisis.

  • Respect females: Give love, respect and care to the women at your house and outside as well to get prosperity as females are symbolic of goddess Lakshmi.
  • Always be fair in your life: Never follow any wrong path to earn money to ensure happiness in life. 
  • Charity for good: Try to donate a certain portion of your earnings to the person in need. It is a good habit and helps the native to get divine blessings. 
  • Feeding Cows:  Feeding cows with green grass every Wednesday is recommended by many astrologers to overcome the financial crisis.
  • Keep your surroundings clean: Keep your house clean and keep away broken things or utensils from the house to avoid negative energy from your house.
  • Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi: Offer prayers to Goddess Laxmi every day as she is the goddess of wealth and associated with financial gains.
  • Worshipping Lord Vishnu: Every Friday, you can offer water to Lord Vishnu through a conch shell opening in the south. Astrology suggests that this is the best way to get blessings from Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Right placement of locker: The top astrologer in Bangalore suggests that the right position for placing your locker is in the South or Southwest direction of the house. The opening position of the locker must be facing the North, and North is the direction of Lord Kuber, who is the god of wealth.


So, if you are going through a financial problem, you can follow these remedies to get the benefit. A Good Astrologer in Bangalore Near Me can also help you to overcome such challenges in life.