Cavitation machines are nice options for reshaping or getting rid of the last batch of fats from your body. These machines make use of ultrasonic technology. In other words, it uses sound waves of different frequencies in order to target subdermal fat cells. Those machines can generate frequencies starting from 25kHz to 40kHz. That’s why one must wonder which machine to go for. Should he/she buy a 30kHz cavitation machine? Or is something powerful such as this 40khz cavitation machine the right choice for him/her?

The Working Principle of a Cavitation machine

To find out the answer to the above question, we ought to start with a recap of how the cavitation machine works. I know that boring technical descriptions is the last thing you seek from my article. But trust me, I’ll keep it simple and nice.

As I have already mentioned, cavitation machines are ultrasound technology based methods for various body aesthetic related purposes. In simple words, the sound wave targets the fat cells. It doesn’t affect the skin, at least to a certain extent of frequency applied. It excites the subdermal fat cells. The fat cells turn into liquid form of fat which is fatty acid and glycerol. Then they are discharged with the waste of the body. It takes around three days to get rid of decomposed fat cells.

The frequently asked question about frequency

One might ask, what does frequency have to do with fat cell killing? Well, you could say, a lot. See, higher frequency means shorter wavelength.

A 30k cavitation machine has less powerful ultrasonic waves but it can work on deeper fat cells than a 40k machine.

That doesn’t make the 40k cavitation machine irrelevant. Instead, that means that 40k machines don’t penetrate very far into the subdermal area.

The impact of application of 30k and 40k machines

30k machines, as it has been explained in the above portion, can penetrate further into the subdermal layer and works magic for reshaping the body within a short span of time. If any one wants a quick result and only has some targeted body parts to get rid of the fat cells from, 30k machines work very well.

When aestheticians have to provide treatments for a long time frame, they often choose 40k machines because of their low impact. One has to remember that every human body is different and their responses are different to strong or weak cavitation treatment.

The counterfeit machines and The impending failure due to them

The 40k cavitation machines which you often see in the market are counterfeits. You can rely on good places like Lumbuy. Consider yourself lucky in that case. But there are many people who buy counterfeit machines from unreliable places. That’s how they set themselves for failure, unknowingly though. When they are unable to see any change after using the machine and taking the treatment for a prolonged period, they give up.

Again, if you buy one from reliable sources such as Lumbuy or other reliable online stores, you can enjoy the benefit of long term cavitation treatment. This kind of treatment is not intense and allows the person undergoing it to recover and plan the whole body reshaping accordingly.

Moreover, some of those counterfeit machines are calibrated to put heat on one’s skin. That way he/she feels that the machine is working, while it is not actually working. This can become a serious problem as those machines can go haywire and cause harm to skin.

When to use 30k and 40k cavitation machines

The best option one can choose is to seek suggestions from an aesthetician. He/she will analyze your need and will tell you if you actually need to take treatment using a 40k cavitation machine.

In the end, it is all about your body. It is true that quick reshaping using a 30k machine sounds sweet. But sometimes the consequence could undo the result. That’s why you should seek some consultation before taking cavitation treatment. Remember, you are not only reshaping your body, you are reshaping your future days!