Prevention Day Suicide Quotations This post shared details about suicide on WPSD, and discussed ways to avoid it.

Did you know that the 10th of September is Suicide Prevention Day? Did you know that this year’s Suicide Prevention Day has a theme? Awareness is key to preventing suicide. Each year, more than 700 000 people are killed by suicide. This tragedy causes more suicide attempts than deaths each year.

WPSD events have raised awareness in countries such as India and the PhilippinesPrevention Day Suicide Quotations has discussed this topic in detail during this year’s Suicide Day.

Quotes, Messages, and Pictures for World Suicide Day:

Below are some messages and quotes for this year’s Suicide Day. These messages and quotes can be used to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

  • Be a positive influence on society by helping people to overcome depression and rejection.
  • Do not do things in the workplace that cause stress. Instead, create a positive environment for your employees.
  • We send you warm greetings on World Suicide Prevention Day.
  • Life is too precious and too beautiful to waste. Happy World Suicide Prevention Day!

World Suicide Prevention Day 2022

Different parts of the globe have different death rates. It is higher in developing countries but the United Kingdom, and the United States figures are not encouraging. The American death rate is 14.5, but in England, 6.9 out of 100000 people commit suicide every year. This is a problem that affects all developed countries.

In 2003, the International Association for Suicide Prevention and World Health Organization created the WSPD. This event is celebrated worldwide every year on the 10th September. You can find World Suicide Prevention Day Images on many websites. We have listed some of them below.

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You can share the images of suicide prevention day on your social media pages and raise awareness about this terrible tragedy.

How can you prevent and control suicide?

This tragedy can be prevented. WHO has provided a list of measures to reduce suicides around the globe.

  • You can quickly identify suicidal tendencies in your family members and take action.
  • It is important to lower pressure levels in the family and at work.
  • Limit suicide-inducing substances like pesticides or certain medicines.

Prevention Day Suicide Quotes & Themes:

WPSD will be running a three year theme for World Suicide Prevention Day, 2021-2023. The theme for next year is “Creating Hope through Action,” and will be the same. IASP organizes events in over sixty countries every year to raise awareness that life is too precious.

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Final verdict:

WPSD have done much over the past 20 years to raise awareness about this tragic event. It is important to look beyond the tragedy and fight it at a lower scale. Prevention Day Suicide Quotes believes that it is possible to reduce this tragedy by addressing it at both the family and work levels.

Are you positive that WPSD efforts can help to end this tragedy? Please leave your comments.