The possibilities of situations where you’ll need to change your who owns the ring doorbell is lengthy, regardless of whether you’re selling your home and decided to get rid of your doorbell ring, or purchased a second-hand ring doorbell device. Transferring is simple however once you have removed it the device will go disconnected, and you’ll be able install it as a brand new device.

If you’re not very acquainted with the latest gadgets there are some doubts in your head, for instance how do I change the ring of my doorbell’s owner? Do I have to follow the instructions? Do I have to call the people from Ring to assist? For the best answers to all of these questions, continue reading.

How to Change Ring Doorbell Owner?

Before you can change the ownership you’ll have to take the following steps to eliminate the previous owner and remove their plan. In order to do this the new owner needs to download the official Ring app in order to make the new configuration.

If you’re your first user, then we suggest that you delete your billing information to avoid further charges. The steps for removing the payment method cannot be accessible via the application. This means you’ll need to complete the process using on the Ring web site’s Desktop version.

Use the instructions listed below to cancel the payment method.

  • Open your usual browser and then go to the Ring website.
  • In the upper right corner, there’s an ‘Login’ button. Click it.
  • Enter your log-in details.
  • When you log in Your name will appear in the upper right corner. Tap it.
  • Next, go to ‘Account.’
  • Check your credit card, then click the ‘X’ icon on the right side of it to cancel the transaction.

If you also signed up for the long-term plan, we suggest you to contact our support team to request a reimbursement.

To claim Refunds, the steps are as the following.


How to Change Ring Doorbell Owner?

How to Remove Device from the Account After Changing the Ring the Doorbell’s Owner?

How to Remove Other Users From Ring Doorbell?

Steps to Reset the Ring Device

  • Contact the number at 800-656-1918 (US number)
  • Chat Support
  • In-Person Store (Rare With only a handful of stores located in CA (or AZ)
  • Contact Support via the Ring App (The application offers telephone and chat assistance.)

When you make a request for a refund You must keep in mind that you’ll only be able to claim back the money in the time that you did not utilize to use your Ring subscription.

How do I remove the device from my Account After changing the Ring Doorbell Owner?

You are able to delete or remove the old device after you’ve completed the above steps. Here’s how:

  • Start the Ring application.
  • Click on the three-line menu located in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Click on Devices.’
  • Select the device that you wish to remove.
  • Then, select “Device Settings Next, select General Settings.’
  • After that, press “Remove this Device.’

Important Notes: When you hit the “Remove this device button” all videos as well as Event History that is associated with your account will also be erased. Therefore, we recommend that you save and download all essential data prior to moving forward.

How to Remove Other Users From Ring Doorbell?

To increase securitymeasures, the maker permits an individual person only to doorbell ringer device’s owner. The owner, however, can give access to others.

Methods to eliminate users include:

  • Start the Ring application.
  • Then, go ‘Settings.’
  • Find ‘Users.’
  • Tap on ‘Shared Users.’
  • After that, click on “Remove User.’

Steps to Reset the Ring Device

By hard reset by hard reset, the original owner is able to completely wipe out the Wi-Fi settings that are saved inside the device. Although, this process isn’t a requirement unless you do not want to disrupt confidence. If you’re the first user, in the event that you fail to reset the device, the second owner will have difficulties with resetting it and accessing it. Also, the owner will constantly receive activity notifications when the new owner attempts to reset the device. To accomplish this, comply with these instructions.

  • Take the device off and remove the backplate.
  • After that you can hold on the button in orange for approximately 20 seconds.
  • Press the release button.
  • You’ll notice the side of the gadget blinking. This indicates that the device is conducting an unreset.
  • The device will take a while to finish the procedure.

This is all you need to know prior to moving to the new location or change the doorbell’s owner. Share your experiences in the comment section below.