Good childcare businesses are the need of the hour. 11.7% of Sydney’s population cared for children without remuneration, while Greater Sydney accounted for 25% of the unpaid work. Meanwhile, the process of selling a childcare business is bound to differ significantly from other small business sales. There are various reasons for this, including diverse buyers, certifying transitions, precise ways of esteeming the company and fear of discretion with staff and parents. So if you are planning to enter the domain and searching for childcare for sale in Sydney, you need to understand the elaborate process and how it works.

The Chronological Process of Childcare Sales

Buying and selling properties/businesses is more challenging than it seems, especially if they are related to childcare. So in the following steps, you will get a broad idea about what you are getting into:


In this initial part, the seller decides to sell the property and put it on the market for listing, and with the help of a good sales firm, the process goes ahead. After several meetings and seeing the property, the firm decides to put it on for listing if both you and the firm are on the same page. Many brokers or firms start charging you big bucks from such initial stages.

Finding the Right Buyer Match

This is the matchmaking part of the process. Also, because of its direct link to childcare, confidentiality is of utmost importance for both buyer and seller. The brokers are agents who try to find the right match for both parties by considering the pros and cons. And once the sellers approve, then the buyers can approach.

Indication of Interest and Touring

An Indication of Interest is a forerunner to an official offer that sketches the price presented and the main deal terms. This preliminary offer phase lets the brokers scrutinise potential buyers by understanding the gravity of the prospect. Then, the team reviews initial offers with the seller to make resolutions about the number of potential buyers. And here, they decide which buyers might go to the next phase. Touring during working and off-working hours is an essential part of the process.

LOT and Diligence

After the tour, in the form of a Letter of Intent, the negations usually begin. So the seller chooses the buyer with the help of the broker. Apart from the financial offers, there are several corporate, operative legal, IT and estate-related things to handle in the transition of Information. And with terms and conditions from both sides, it can be a tiresome process. So, the broker tries their best to satisfy both parties and make it work.

Agreements and Licensing

The conclusive legal contracts that may be a part of your sale comprise an APA or a SPA. In the case of real estate lease or real estate, it will also have PSA. The licensing part is another tiresome process because it depends on the locality. In the case of Sydney, the process isn’t too complex or too simple and can be considered in the moderate section. The broker tries to help in the process as much as possible.

Announcements and Closing Time

It is time to inform the staff and the parent so that they can take the necessary steps. And as a seller, you should understand their sentiments, advise them accordingly, and give them some time. Then after the closing agreements and signatures, it is all done and dusted.

According to certain reports, buyer interest in childcare services is about to go all-time high in 2022, with a global market of $520 billion. Therefore, Sydney’s participation in the business is a natural extension of its economic core. So after assessing the steps mentioned above, you might enter the realm of childcare for sale in Sydney with a moderately better understanding. With proper research, you can easily deal with all these processes.