Flowers brighten our world, and that’s why you find a bouquet kept at the reception of most premises as a sign of a warm welcome. Flowers are given on different occasions and to different people like; patients in hospitals to wish them quick recovery, Welcoming dignitaries to our country, celebrating those who have successfully passed their exams like the grandaunts, the athletes, given to couples during weddings, and during birthdays and anniversaries. These are just some of the many occasions where flowers are used to pass a deeper meaning that a mere card could not have achieved. Flowers come in different colors and smells. We now dig deeper to know the dos and don’ts in this field.

Choosing the Best Same Day flower delivery in Singapore

How to choose your daily florist

A good florist should know the type of bouquet to match the occasion and adhere to the current price range. Delivering flowers in time and in good condition is also a key factor. Florists create arrangements and formal displays for special occasions and daily purchases. Creativity and being natural give an added advantage, especially for arrangements and displays of funerals, holidays, weddings, and banquets. To create the right design, the florists must know the size, color, and care requirements of each bouquet. Florists should know what flowers can withstand the elements like temperature and direct sunlight, the toxicity of the flower, and any allergic reaction to the flower.

With, you can bet on their quick delivery of fresh flowers and their ability to prepare the best floral arrangements for a variety of occasions like weddings, birthdays, graduations, and many more. They personalize your bouquet as per your preference. Some of the flowers you can choose from include Sunflowers, Roses, Lilies, Carnations, and Lilies.

How do I choose the perfect bouquet for different occasions?


To make an anniversary more memorable, one can use a bouquet of roses and peonies to show love and passion.

Get well soon

Showing love to a loved one who has fallen sick, bright-colored blooms of sunflowers, tulips, and carnations are used to brighten their day since these flowers come in various cheerful shades.


Carnations and sunflowers are celebratory bouquets because they come in gorgeous colors. A bar of chocolate or a balloon may be packed together to give a great touch.


To celebrate a loved one’s birthday and make them feel loved and treasured, one can choose from a wide variety of flowers like the dried bouquet of everlast or lavender.

Post-delivery care for the flowers

Once the flowers have been delivered, it takes a few tips to retain the freshness of the flowers. They include the following steps;

· Cut the stem-the cut should be diagonal to allow better water intake

· Prune the flower-ensure you remove leaves that are submerged in the water to reduce bacteria rot

· Ration the water intake regularly so that it is free of bacteria, and ensure the flower gets enough water. Remember to change the water daily.

With a wide variety of flowers and many years of experience, Singapore’s floristic collections offer the best services. Their quick delivery with minimal or no charge makes them the most preferred. Additionally, they offer free advice on which flowers suit which occasion, which is most people’s nightmare. Should you need their services, they are just a call away.