Have you noticed how the appearance of floors affects the appearance of a space and the atmosphere? A dirty, unkempt floor will make the space look equally dirty and messy, no matter how clean the objects in the room are or are well maintained. Similarly, the atmosphere of the place will seem unwelcoming and discomforting. Clean floors not only make the area look well-organised and welcoming, but they are also important from a safety angle.

The usual cleaning equipment that most of us are familiar with and use is conventional cleaning tools like brooms, buckets, and mops. A tedious and time-consuming method to keep your floors clean, requiring more cleaning staff to maintain them round-the-clock.

A floor scrubber is a highly upgraded version of the mop and bucket routine and is easier to use and does a better and faster job than conventional cleaning methods.

The benefits of floor scrubbers

  1. Environment-friendly: Floor scrubbers come in multiple options as fully automated scrubbing machines, semi-automatic machines, and walk-behind scrubbers. The growing awareness about the environment is resulting in many companies choosing to give up the cleaning machines for their office areas and opt for environmentally friendly cleaning equipment like the walk-behind floor scrubber.
  1. Time-saving: The scrubbers are designed to ease the cleaning routine without compromising on the quality of cleanliness or maintenance of the floors. Easy to manoeuvre, the scrubbers have flexible mop heads that can reach the corners, under the furniture, and narrow spaces with ease without having to move things around for better access, change the water, or wring the mop at intervals, thus saving time and effort. Commercial floor scrubbers are tough and perform very well on all types of floor surfaces.
  1. Better reach and accessibility: The superior design of floor scrubbers and their relatively light weight make it easier to reach tough corners and narrow aisles. With different types and sizes of scrubbers available, you can choose the one best suited for your sight. An office or small commercial outlet can be easily cleaned and maintained with a walk-behind floor scrubber.
  1. Prevent accidents: A mop and bucket lying around in the way are an accident waiting to occur if people trip on them. Accidental spillage from the water bucket or while wringing the wet mop can cause accidents if people slip and fall on the spilt water. The floor cleaned with wet mops also takes longer to dry, leading to inconvenience and accidents. Floor scrubbers, on the other hand, are not just safe for the people walking around but also for the cleaning crew. They have ample built-in space for water and cleaning solutions that do not require refilling often, and the contained liquid also prevents accidents and messiness created by water or solution spillage.
  1. Easy to use: A walk-behind floor scrubber is very easy to use, even by someone without any training. The simple, user-friendly instructions and design of the scrubbers can be used by even someone who has never used a mop or scrubber.
  1. Versatile: Their versatile design is suitable for all floor surfaces, whether concrete, vinyl, stone, tiles or even rugs. Floor scrubbers are not just capable of regular cleaning and maintenance of the floors; they are also excellent for cleaning tough stains and spills. The multipurpose usage does not require different types of brushes, as the area can be cleaned simply by changing the pressure on the brush. A soft, regular cleaning can be done simply by swiping the brush with minimal pressure, and the stains can be cleaned by intensifying pressure on the brush.
  1. Effortless: The excellent, purposeful design of the floor scrubber makes the job almost effortless with its versatile attributes. Flexible, far-reaching, multiple-usage, in-built squeegee system that does not require manual squeezing of water and solutions. The in-built squeegee removes excess water from the floor, leaving it clean and dry within seconds. This makes the job easier for the operator, and the effortlessness allows the operator to finish the walk in less time without feeling exhausted.

Some basic safety protocols should be followed during floor cleaning and maintenance, like safety gear and shoes for the operator, and have fixed cleaning schedules that the entire staff is aware of to prevent inconvenience and to alert the office prior to beginning the process or while cleaning accidental spills.