Mobile technology has dramatically changed the way many restaurants operate. In fact, it has positioned itself as one of the sectors in which mobile apps have had the most influence, with growth rates that far exceed those registered in other fields.

The data tells us that 83% of adults use their electronic devices (such as tablets and smartphones) to search for restaurant locations, addresses, and hours. In addition, 75% look at menus, 55% read reviews, 51% ask for takeout or delivery directly from the restaurant’s website and 50% use rewards or special offers.

With these data, what restaurant could afford not to have an App? In this article, I will tell you the main characteristics that a restaurant’s Mobile Application must have to be successful and take full advantage of all the benefits it can bring.

Why should restaurants invest in a Mobile Application?

There are many reasons why any business should have a mobile app. But the main one of all is:

Before continuing with the article, I will leave you here some statistics on the use of mobile devices in the restaurant sector that show the tremendous value they bring to both consumers and businesses. But remember that in most sectors, it has a similar or more significant impact:

  • 3 out of 4 consumers say that they would go to a restaurant outside of “peak” hours if they received a discount through their mobile device (which they always carry).
  • 79% of diners agree that the technology applied to a restaurant improves the experience of its users.
  • 36% of customers say that the possibility of reserving a table online is an essential service of a restaurant, followed by free Wi-Fi (23%) and the online or app ordering service (19%).
  • Four out of five restaurant operators agree that technology helps them increase sales, makes their restaurant more efficient, and gives them a competitive advantage.
  • 26% of consumers say they would prefer a restaurant with a table-side order and payment system.
  • Restaurant companies that use self-service points generate average size checks 5-10% higher than if they offered counter service.

It is evident that users increasingly prefer to use their mobile devices due to the advantages that this technology offers them when consuming the products and services of a restaurant: from mobile payment to home delivery or discount checks.

What are the most powerful app functions for a Restaurant?

Menu and Description

This function is essential for any restaurant. In addition, the menu of available dishes can be included in the app, accompanied by images and attractive prices.

  • Benefits for the customer:  Customers can easily view the restaurant menu through their mobile phones, giving them a direct and frictionless way to interact with the business.
  • Benefits for the restaurant: They can always have the menu updated, which helps maintain customer expectations and increases your brand’s exposure.

Push Notifications with Geolocation

Push notifications are the best way for a brand to communicate with its users today.

This function of the Apps allows restaurants to send exclusive offers and discounts, special promotions, disseminate new dishes on the menu, and events that will take place in the establishment without having to open the app!

  • Benefits for the customer: They can check where the establishment is and receive personalized exclusive offers and promotions at the most opportune moment. In addition, users can configure these push messages on their devices, so they are not annoying, or only the information that really interests them arrives.
  • Benefits for the restaurant: Restaurants can communicate directly with their customers and make themselves visible without the user’s need to interact with the app. It increases loyalty or engagement and can be an incentive to fill the establishment in the hours it usually has less activity.

Discount coupons

With the discount coupon function, restaurants can retain customers through their Mobile Applications. This tool is very useful for meeting specific objectives of the commercial or marketing strategy, such as winning loyal customers and fostering long-term relationships. For example, QR coupons and loyalty cards can be enabled for points.

  • Customer benefits:  Users receive rewards for going to the restaurant, such as winning a free meal or, through a system of points, accumulating them until they can exchange them for a drink.
  • Benefits for the restaurant: The bonuses through the app help the restaurant to create brand ambassadors. Loyal customers who visit the establishment frequently and receive rewards through free drinks, invitations, discounts on the menu… There is no better guarantee of growth for a restaurant than winning customers for life, and GPS Coupons are one of the keys that open that door. 2020