As your surgery day approaches, you might encounter a mixture of feelings like anticipation, excitement, and nervousness. Despite underlying anxiety, realize that you will get the body modification that you were waiting for so long. You must focus upon positive emotions rather than the nervous ones when you start preparing yourself for the surgery day. One common question of anxious patients before their surgery is what they must wear on the final day. It is an exciting question that almost all patients find relatable.  If you want to make the process seamless and smooth, you must prepare yourself physically and mentally.

Things you must avoid

First, you must not wear nail polish during the procedure. It is because the nurses and doctors will have to see the natural fingernail for checking the circulation. Nail polish gets in the way of a pulse oximeter that the doctor clips on your fingers for tracking your pulse. If you possess acrylic nails, you must remove them on the day of your surgery. It is because, with acrylic nails, it is difficult to use a pulse oximeter. Remove your body jewelry or piercing like nose, belly button, ear, or lips. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, pressure on the piercing may result in tissue loss in and around that area.

Secondly, surgeons use electrosurgical devices for controlling bleeding and cutting tissues during surgery. Piercing may divert the electric current that might result in tissue loss. You might contact Stratus Plastic Surgeryfor best results post-surgery.

Avoid hair products and makeup on the final day. If you have your makeup on, then the makeup particles may fall into your eyes, and that might come in the way of the procedure. Although under anesthesia, you will not have blink reflexes. It’s better not to wear makeup on the final day. It is a precautionary measure that almost all surgeons must consider.

Hair products are a complete no-no for avoiding contamination with open wounds. Additionally, few hair products and makeup are flammable, so avoiding these is the best option.

Things you must do

Take a shower the day before and the following morning before the surgery. Use antibacterial soap and wash your whole body thoroughly. If you shave or wax, you must do the same at least four to eight days before the surgery. There is no point-shaving a day before the surgery because it increases the risk of bacterial manifestation. If your menstrual cycle is on during the surgery, you may use a tampon or pad.

On the final day, you must wear loose-fitted, comfortable clothing. Based on the procedure, your doctor will advise you on the type of clothes you must wear.

When you are well prepared for the procedure, it increases your comfort before the surgery. Ensure that you remove non-essential items before the procedure like piercings, makeup, nail polish, hair products, etc. Speak to your surgeon to clear all your doubts before the final day. Remember that the calmer you are on the day, the better it is for you.