The article provides the details about the newly launched store, and also provides in-depth explanation of the store to help find out the question: Is legitimate? .

Are you in search of a gift for your children? Does your child enjoy wearing hoodies? This article will inform you about a site that sells different types of merchandise and hoodies designed for children. Adults and kids from America and the United Kingdom love hoodies. United States and the United Kingdom love wearing hoodies in the winter months. The site was created to offer these products and T-shirts. Read this article carefully to learn more about the whole process and, also we will endeavor to find all the data to answer the question Are legitimate? .

Is Shopsturniolo com a legitimate e-commerce site?

Shopsturniolo offers hoodies, t-shirts stickers, hoodies, and other products that children enjoy. The website is appealing and has captured people’s attention across the globe. We want to find out whether the site is genuine and if it is selling authentic items and not counterfeit ones. We’ll have to take note of the things listed below.

  • Date of website creation: The date for the creation of the website is February 5, 2022. more than two months later.
  • Trust percent score: The trust score is 1 %..
  • Reviews- At present we are unable to find Reviews for .
  • Alexa ranking – The website has an Alexa rank of 1634870 worldwide.
  • Information on plagiarism- The website is completely new and no indication of plagiarism is offered.
  • Originality of the address: There is no address in the record in the address, so we are unable to discuss the validity of the address.
  • Social media linksare not available on the website’s homepage There is no information that includes Facebook or Instagram handles. Facebook and Instagram handles.
  • Discounts that are not real-world and no discounts are provided on the products.
  • Owner’s information: No information regarding the owner is provided in the About us page.

Details of Is Shopsturniolo com Legit

The website does not have complete information available to customers, which makes it difficult to determine if the website is fraudulent or authentic. It is also recent in its creation, so we are able to only consider the website as suspicious. There are many appealing items available on the site however one can’t afford to buy these items from the store until it’s proven to be authentic.

Specifications for the website

  • Domain age: The owner of the domain was able to create the site two months earlier, on the 05th of February 2022.
  • URL-
  • Social network icons – We have not seen any social media sites So it’s hard to determine Are legitimate?
  • Category-based merchandise consisting of stickers and back covers, caps, etc.
  • EmailThe website does not have email addresses. It is unlikely that the website does not contain details about email addresses.
  • Address- Unavailable
  • Return information: Within 14 days, buyers are able to return the items.
  • Details on refunds- No complete information is available regarding refunds.
  • Payment options – Pay is accepted with VISA, PayPal, and other credit cards.
  • Details on delivery and shippingDelivery times are between 5 to 10 days after the date of shipping.

Opportunities of the Shopsturniolo com

  • The site is extremely attractive and offers a fair price for users.
  • The items that are sold are highly sought-after This firm has managed to stay competitive in its target market.

Drawbacks Based in Shopsturniolo Reviews on com

  • Shopsturniolo doesn’t have any address information provided about the store. It only lists the return address which is to be fake.
  • It hasn’t earned trust from its customers and, in addition, there are no reviews available.
  • The brand isn’t known to a large number of customers, and it can be difficult for customers to believe in the store.

Customer Reviews

The website is still in its initial stages and social media links are included but we haven’t seen any reviews that provide a definitive answer to the authenticity. The shop has a wide selection of items however, no one has tried them and got the answer to the question: Is legit? . Due to the absence of reviews and trust indexes We also advise people avoid these types of sites and avoid the store , and only choose the authentic ones for purchases.

Final Thought

Shopsturniolo is a fraudulent websiteand customers need to look for a legitimate retailer to make their purchases. We advise them to avoid this site with caution.