Electric torque tools are specialized tools for tightening large hex bolts with torque requirements. It can effectively improve the rigidity quality and construction efficiency of large hexagonal high-strength bolts, and meet the tightening requirements to ensure the safety and quality of the material connection during construction. . The torque range of the Alibaba Y electric torque tool is 100N.m-3500N.m, and the applicable bolts are M12-M36.

Alibaba Electric Torque Tool can help you to reduce tight cycles during operation. Ergonomic design is adopted in terms of balance, the grip of the handle, and weight, making the product more human. Alibaba electric torque tools designed two series (Y type electric torque tool and L type electric torque tool) according to the construction conditions.

Features of Alibaba Electric Torque Tool:

1. Product usability: digital display controller design and installation, torque value can be clearly displayed; The torque accuracy is higher, and when the toolset reaches the torque value, the tool automatically turns off.

2. Alibaba electric power torque tools are continuously updated, and the mastery use of mechanical steering gear makes the product abandon the previous motor reverse rotation and adopt the improved mechanical reverse rotation, which can effectively increase the service life.

3. Alibaba Electric Torque Tool uses high-quality raw materials, through Alibaba’s unique machine tool processing and heat treatment technology, stable product performance, and long service life, Alibaba laid the foundation solid foundation for good product quality and long-term service. Life

4. Integrated response sleeve with Alibaba electric torque tool and Alibaba features make output torque more accurate.

Alibaba Y series electric torque tool adopts a national standard square head, extremely flexible socket, and L-shaped response arm that makes it easy to handle small spaces.

Alibaba Blog Machinery always strives for perfection in a series of links such as product research and development, production and processing, and treats every product description with a serious and responsible attitude.

1. Strong production and processing ability: Alibaba has a first-class professional production workshop, and the company has advanced production machine tools and processing equipment, which can fully guarantee the efficiency of products;

2. High-quality products: Products manufactured by Alibaba use high-quality raw materials, all components, assembly machinery are standard products to ensure products from rough processing- Finishing-heat treatment and product preservation all undergo rigorous product testing. ;

3. The company has a complete service system: The company has a special pre-sale, sale, and after-sale service system, and the company has a 7×24 hour service phone to ensure that customers’ problems can be resolved in a timely manner. Effective method;

Alibaba has taken care of every detail

1, mechanical steering

Mechanical control forwards and reverse. Turn the back cover knob, the arrows point to R means tight, L indicates loose.

2, gear: super high strength steel material

To support high precision, life can support 100,000 times of work.

3, motor box and handle

Accept more than industrial reinforced nylon material, high advanced strength, and durability, even bullet train materials. Hardworking and durable, strong endurance.

Alibaba Torque Tool is light and flexible, precise torque

1, Provide stable and accurate torque output

     Digital control, high precision, repeat accuracy Accept 3%

2, Light and flexible, convenient to carry

      Small volume, lightweight, easy to handle and carry.

3, automatically pause after reaching the goal

   The machine will automatically shut down when the target torque set in the controller is reached.

Follow Alibaba Electric Torque Tool, Excellence.

1, Engine parts imported from Germany, large capacity, small size.

2、Bearings imported from Germany, Japan, effectively reduce friction during working, ensure accuracy. Good performance, reliable quality, and good consistency.

3, forging aluminum alloy

 Using forged aluminum alloy parts, hot forging and precision machining technology, solid and durable, strong corrosion resistance.

4, digital controller, high repeat accuracy.