Today, you have easy access to a plethora of online tools that help you constantly in monitoring your freight in real-time. Moreover, they provide you with precise coordinates of your container freight at any given time. However, we understand that the best container tracking systems are best for notifying shippers of the changes in shipment status. These advanced tracking systems are great for providing the shipper with crucial information about the different stages involved in the transportation and logistics process. According to Statista, world maritime container trade accounted for 60 % of total seaborne trade, valued at approximately 14 trillion USD back in 1919.

Rest assured to get all the details relating to the container status changes. Some of the most crucial status changes are: 

  • The container goes to pick up the cargo
  • The container has arrived at the terminal but awaiting customs clearance
  • The container is loaded successfully onto the ship after it arrives at the specific port of origin
  • The vessel or the ship leaves the port carrying the container
  • The vessel/ ship arrives at the precise port of transshipment, with the container
  • The ship carrying the container freight departs from the specific port of transshipment
  • The ship/ vessel arrives at the destination port carrying the container freight or shipment
  • Lastly, the consignee receives the container freight or shipment.

Choosing the Best Shipping Tracking Software 

Logistics is an extremely crucial tool in the highly competitive world of business today. The overall failure or success of an organization largely depends on its internal competence and how it manages customer service and satisfaction. It is of pivotal importance to have a streamlined and perfectly operational supply chain for making sure that your organization goes through a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, & Ambiguous) environment smoothly without any hassles. It could be achieved by deploying the perfect transportation management solution. Let us explore some of the critical factors to consider while choosing the best tracking software for your container freight.

Shipping Integration

Your container shipment software should be compatible with your existing systems and integrate seamlessly. One of the glaring mistakes while choosing the right container freight tracking software is neglecting the present operating environment. It is a wise move to choose a tracking software solution that easily integrates with all your existing systems. 

Data Security

Cyber-attacks and data security are pretty common these days. Data security is an important parameter to take into consideration while choosing the best container shipment tracking software. Security lapses are breaches that could adversely impact your business’s reputation and goodwill. You should focus your attention on getting a perfect shipment tracking software that utilizes cutting-edge data security measures. Today you may have easy access to online Cosco shipping trackingso that you can see your shipment status whenever you want.

Gain Updates on Conditional Awareness

You need to know a lot more than just where your inbound cargo is. For making fast and crucial decisions regarding your inventory, it is of prime importance to know about conditions such as humidity, temperature, and even trauma or shock. 

Embedded Analytics & Reporting

Remember that currently, the business logistics enhancement cycle will be necessitating specific reporting. An efficient container shipment tracking software should successfully gather important data and information that was earlier not accessible to you. The monitoring software must provide customized reports for addressing your precise challenges and unique requirements.


Transportation and logistics are going through many rapid changes. It is essential that you opt for the perfect logistics technology so that your organization is very much well-aware of these changes.