The best course to get skilled to make money with amazon fba and to make a better startup as Amazon FBA sellers depend on the model which the seller wants to follow. There are two main business models which can be followed with Amazon FBA. It’s best to decide on the model type by the seller and then go for a top amazon fba course that can provide better backup with specific skills. It would be not worthy to have a course that focuses on a specific model and the model on Amazon need another concentration. 

The two business models which can be followed by Amazon are private label, and wholesale. As the selling procedures are totally different of the two models, therefore the requirements and skill focus are also different. The choice remains with the seller whether to sell with wholesale or private label. 

Below are the preferred courses (both paid) which are recommended against each of the business models. 

Recommended courses for Private Label Business Model 

Freedom Builder Boot camp Course by Jungle Scout- This is an amazing course offered by the CEO of Jungle Scout who is making an eight-figure profit on a monthly basis. It has ten modules and has 30 hours of videos which start with startup videos and head towards the strategies for advanced sellers. This Boot camp provides skills for a Private Label Business and has the following details:

∙         An orientation video, ten modules, and a bonus video

∙         Membership to Jungle Scout Professional plan

∙         A coaching session on a weekly basis

∙         VIP services(customer Support)

∙         Prioritizing for onboarding

∙         Action plan for a seller

∙         Best product trends 

∙         Product reviews 

∙         Exclusive access to social media communities

∙         Bonus of free advance training on completion

∙         CEO’s personal tips and tricks to get the best start

∙         Lifetime access to the FBB course

 Recommended courses for Wholesale Business Model 

The Wholesale Formula by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost- This course is formulated by the two winning partners who started their journey with Amazon wholesale and get the best out of other products. Most of the time they offer the course, it’s obvious that they are up with the updated model of wholesale and have considered each and everything for the wholesale model. 

The face-to-face classes might be a few thousand dollars but going for online sessions with these two successful guys working with the wholesale is the best available option if you want to sell with the wholesale model. 

You can visit their website and get registered for the wholesale module making your payment online. The two guys had a successful YouTube channel as well and have free online videos on each of the topics in their course. So, it’s better to go online with YouTube and watch their previous videos and make sure you are equipped with every little detail to get started with them. 

These two guys usually come up with new offers through the wholesale formula. Along with the service of lifetime mentoring, they offer access to their online library and social media groups where most of the sellers used to get down with their problems and people with experience offer their suggestions.