​​​​​This article details a data breach that exposed the financial records of a large American bank. Learn more about Lakeview Loan Servicing Data Breach Scam.

Do you feel concerned about recent data leakage from an American mortgage company that exposed personal information of several customers? Let’s examine the situation and determine the next steps to address the data leakage.

The United States,the United Kingdom and Canada are shocked at the information that refers to a significant data breach that could expose personal financial information.

Lakeview Data Exposure

After Lakeview sent mail to the Attorney General announcing the data breach, the company’s servers had been exposed and the incident was made public, the attorney general took action.

Another letter was sent by the company to Lakeview customers. It addressed customers about external access to their system servers and contained secure data files. The company also apologized to customers for the incident.

Customers are given toll-free numbers so they can reach Lakeview officials with any questions.

Lakeview Loan Servicing Data Breach

  • According to Lakeview officials, an unauthorized access was detected to company servers in December 2021.
  • Illegal access took place between 27th Oct 2021 and 7th Dec 2021.
  • The Lakeview team performed further analysis and discovered that the third party had access sensitive information including financial data.
  • Lakeview’s breach is extremely serious considering that the mortgage company serves more than 1.5million customers.

Information in Data Breach

According to Lakeview officials, the following customer information was exposed in Lakeview Loan Servicing data breach scam:

  • The third party who was involved in the illegal entry also had access to the customers’ Social Security numbers.
  • The external party also had access to customer names, addresses, and loan numbers.
  • All data related to loan modification, loan applications, and other loan services were exposed.

What is Lakeview’s email to Attorney General?

  • On 18 March 2022, Attorney General John Formella received an official letter informing them of the entry by an external party to their data servers.
  • The subject line for the Lakeview Loan Servicing Database Breach Scamemail was described as “Incident Notification”.
  • In the email, it also includes a preliminary list of individuals who are being exposed.
  • Craig A Hoffman sent the email on behalf the company.
  • The email concludes with the company’s actions taken to prevent similar problems in the future.


External sources can misuse financial data in many ways, so it is possible to expose financial data. To be safe, a customer who is informed will follow the advice of an expert.