Activewear is anything that gives one comfort while exercising or playing a sport. They are simple, casual, and provide flexibility to the user. Women’s activewear comprises various collections ranging from sports bras and off-shoulder tees to cycling shorts and jeggings. Fashion cannot be left behind no matter what activity a person is engaged in.

Some of the most commonly used women’s activewear are:

i) Sports bras: These are the most widely used activewear for the gym, jogging, or even walking. They provide ultimate comfort and confidence to the person wearing them. They are generally padded and are made of thick material. One does not have to wear another tee on top of a sports bra as it is padded and is mostly of superior quality. One of the most widely appreciated facts about sports bras is that they do not tear easily and allow the person wearing them to stretch and move freely.

ii) Sports tees- sports tees are casual tees that are generally loose to provide comfort. On their way to the gym, women wear sports tees on top of a sports bra. The material of a sports tee is sweat absorbent and does not allow the person to feel itchy or irritated due to sweat rashes. These tees are made for women who are not confident enough to work in a sports bra. Sports tees can be sleeveless or off-shoulder. However, the use of sports tees is not restricted to exercising or jogging; many women wear such tees while dancing, doing yoga, or even to work! One just has to choose the fitting tee for the right place, and they are good.

iii) Cycling shorts- These are the most common bottom wear worn by women who cycle a lot. They are made of stretchable material and stick tightly to the skin. Since they are tightly fitted to the skin, it does not make one uncomfortable wearing them as they do not fly and reveal skin when exercising. The best thing about cycling shorts is that they can be worn under anything! For example- NeoPro cycling shorts can be worn under regular gym shorts or a mini skirt for extra coverage.  

iv) High waist jeggings- These are very stretchable and provide flexibility to the user. They come in nylon and other synthetic material mixed with cotton to give the user a soft feel. These jeggings are known to provide ultimate comfort and are pretty durable. They usually stretch up to the waist and suit any body type. Women are seen wearing them in gyms and while jogging.

Women’s activewear is known to boost body positivity. They come in all sizes and encourage women to try them out. When such clothes are attractive and comfortable, they motivate one to work out or engage in any activity that leads to burning calories. Many brands started producing plus-size activewear that inspires obese women to start working out and also encourages them to wear clothes that make them feel bold. Hence, the collection of women’s activewear is changing daily, with fashion-forward and body-conscious women contributing the most to their sales.

Choose the right kind of activewear.

Choosing the right kind of activewear is essential before you buy them. What might suit one might not do the same for another. This is mainly because the perception of comfort differs from person to person, and different women have different body types. The activity you engage in is also essential in deciding the right kind of activewear. For instance, cycling shorts would be the best for cycling but not the right fit for jogging.