Social media has become an integral element of our lives. It is used by people to communicate their views on a variety of subjects. The creator of My Pillow, Mr. Mike Lindell, has developed an innovative social network platform that lets users to express their opinions. However, Mike Lindell’s free speech platform is different from other sites and requires users to make sure they use it with care.

What exactly is Frankspeech .com?

Frank speech can be described as a network which was in development for the past four years. Presently, the website ”” is a static site that mostly showcases the voice of the everyday. The site is an accessible platform, where users aren’t limited and are free to express their opinions and speak their voices.

The website is an avenue for everyone Americans to voice their opinions on their Constitutional republic. The public will be free to upload videos, share news information, share live streams of television, and more. The website will grant Americans freedom of expression and speech, and act as a platform to influencers.Frankspeech .com Login

What is HTML0? How can aid people? is an online social media platform on which Americas are free to share texts and even videos about their opinions and ideas about politics. A lot of conservatives aren’t into the spotlight, and as per Mike the platform can aid them in gaining followers.

The greatest part is that every offensive post which include threats, slanderous words, or mentioning God’s name, are removed on the website. This means that it will provide a platform for people to voice their opinions and thoughts in support of an Constitutional republic. When the website is released users will be able to download it via either the Google store or Apple store and then sign up.


  1. When will the website start becoming online?

The website will be operational in two weeks. However, according to Mike the site will first be opened for two days in order to stream various videos. The site is not perfect that need to be addressed, would be available to everyone Americans.

  1. What’s the restriction for

It is essential to be cautious when posting content on Frankspeech .com since it enforces its own rules. It is not permitted to make use of the n-word word f-word or n-word and God’s name. The website does not conform with the policies of Google or Apple However, it does have its own set of rules that must be adhered to by all users.

We’ll wait until we start the site and let us share our opinions on the political scene. Every user should be cautious as anything that doesn’t conform to the guidelines won’t be published on the website. Mike has invested millions of dollars and even includes two internal servers to guarantee security and to prevent cyber-attacks. According to him this platform is a combination that combines YouTube and Twitter because users are able to upload videos, text and even live stream.