The beauty of virgin human hair is that it allows you to entirely change your appearance without feeling obligated to keep it for longer than you want.

Virgin hairextensions for newbies like clip-ins or drawstring ponytails allow you to go from your current look to a waist-length style in minutes, whereas weaves for a longer duration as they’re sewn into the hair.

Are you ready to know why virgin human hair is and should be a go-to for newbies? Continue reading to learn about virgin hair for newbies!

What Really Is Virgin Human Hair?

Virgin hair is so popular that you won’t be able to go a few seconds without hearing or coming across this specific term.

In simple words, virgin hair extensions are those that have never been treated with any chemical, including dyes, relaxers, and bleaches. Virgin hair is completely in its natural form.

So, if you have never colored your hair or put it through any chemical process, you have virgin hair. If your hair has been altered or color-treated, it can never be restored to its original state. That’s correct; once you’ve colored your hair, you’ve permanently lost your virgin strands. And that is why they are needed to be protected with virgin hair extensions. So that style and safety never get compromised.

Fun Fact: the cuticle in virgin human hair is untouched, and there are no gray strands or split ends- making it the most sought-after hair!

Then What Is Virgin Remy Hair?

A stylish look for newbies!

So, virgin Remy hair is another high-grade hair with cuticles aligned because it’s collected from the scalp. Virgin Remy hair is silky, soft, and less prone to tangles.

Remy and virgin Remy hair is usually a collection of hair from different donors.

As a result, while all Remy hair is virgin, not all virgin hair is Remy.

Advantages Of Virgin Human Hair

A few advantages of virgin hair

Now that you have learned what virgin and Remy hair extensions are and what sets them apart, let’s look at the advantages of virgin human hair.

Virgin Human Hair For A Seamless Result

You can rest assured that virgin human hair extensions will match seamlessly with your natural hair because it comes from a single donor.

Since the hair has never been altered, you will enjoy a natural look with virgin hair.

You need to get virgin hair extensions in your natural texture as a newbie and gradually wear different textures!

Freedom To Dye

Virgin hair extensions are available in natural colors because they have never been dyed. That means you can dye your virgin human hair extensions to your liking!

Virgin hair is every woman and colorist’s dream!

Superior In Quality

The superior quality will make the rest look undesirable whether you get virgin clip in hair extensions or sew-in extensions.

You will enjoy extremely stunning, healthy, silky looks with virgin extensions.

Virgin Extensions Are DURABLE

One of the most notable advantages of virgin hair extensions is their longevity. You can expect your hairpieces to last over a year and reuse them after with proper maintenance.

Ease Of Maintenance

As a newbie, you want extensions that are easy to maintain, and that’s why virgin hair is a perfect choice.

You don’t need to go the extra mile; treat them like your natural hair and with a bit of TLC.

The Best Virgin Hair Extensions For Newbies

Top 3 extensions for newbies

By now, you know why virgin hair extensions should be your go-to as a newbie. Let’s look at the popular virgin extensions. The following will help you choose the best that suits your needs!

Clip In Hair Extensions For Flexibility

The flexibility of clip ins

If you are looking for virgin hair extensions that are flexible and versatile, clip in hair extensions is the one!

Clip in extensions is one of the safest and fastest methods of adding length, volume, and style to your hair. Additionally, clip in hair extensions is temporary- attach them when you need extra oomph and take them off when you want to!

Clip In Hair Extension Application

As stated earlier, you can install and remove them yourself, and it only takes about 10 minutes for a full installation.

  • First, you need to detangle your hair.
  • Decide where you want to attach your virgin clip in extensions.
  • Tease near the roots for proper hold.
  • Place the extension against your scalp, near the roots, and that’s it!
  • You can heat-style your virgin human hair extensions for extra oomph!

Tape In For A Semi-Permanent Style

A beautiful semi-permanent look

Unlike clip ins, tape in hair extensions is semi-permanent and needs to be installed by a professional.

They are usually an inch wide and attached using adhesive glue. During the process, your hair will be sandwiched between two tape in extensions, and you get an undetectable and effortless style.

You should go with tape in virgin hair because they are easy to maintain, and you can choose from various textures and lengths! Also, tape in hair extensions is relatively damage-free.

Tape In Hair Extension Application

You will be sitting for 45 minutes to an hour while getting tape in hair extensions installed and removed. The specialist will attach the extensions horizontally after your hair is prepped for installation.

It is important to note that you won’t wash your hair or indulge in activities for at least 24 hours to let the virgin human hair extensions solidify.

However, once it’s done, you will be ready for any event with virgin tape in extensions by your side!

Sew In Hair Extensions For Protection

A modern, fresh, and trendy look

Now, if you want to protect your natural hair and still look drop-dead gorgeous, then sew in virgin hair extensions is the one for you. Sew in extensions will last up to eight weeks with timely visits to the salon.

You can choose from various textures and lengths before the process starts. Remember, you will need to get them installed by a professional as the application process is quite technical and dangerous for beginners.

Sew In Hair Extension Application

You will need bundles of virgin human hair extensions, a sewing needle, and thread. The professional stylist will braid your natural hair into cornrows and secure the bundles using the needle.

It will take a few hours for a full installation, but once it’s done, you can enjoy multiple hairstyles!

When it comes to maintenance, you don’t need to do anything extra. You should wrap your sew-in extensions with a scarf or a bonnet during the night to prevent frizz.


As mentioned earlier, virgin human hair extensions allow you to change your look and remove them when you want. From temporary extensions like clip in hair extensions to semi-permanent ones like tape in and sew in hair extensions, you have many options to choose from.

Virgin hair extensions offer numerous advantages, which is why it is the go-to hair for newbies.

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