The Realms of Genshin Impact are filled with thrilling adventures, actions, and puzzles. Adventure and action is possible by defeating and killing bosses however, to unravel the puzzles, you’ll have to solve the challenges. You’ll be rewarded with rewards including the possibility of a brand new weapon or new skills for your character after completing these puzzles. When playing the game, you’ll learn that the Genshin Impact Wuwang Hill puzzle is a treasure trove packed with prizes, including treasured artefacts, among others. However, the majority times you will get players adventures XPs that are useful in the context of looking at the game from the perspective of the overall game’s progress.

How to Solve Genshin Impact Wuwang Hill Puzzle?

To discover the puzzle’s precise location, locate the nearest waypoint and then go toward Wuwang’s top. Wuwang hill.

The experts suggest that students take a trip towards Qingce Village teleport waypoint. Qingce Village teleport waypoint, located between the letters ‘g and the letter ‘e’. From there, navigating the mountain will become more straightforward. Any player can conquer without boosting endurance.

When you reach the middle of the game, it will provide you with several clues to complete Genshin Wuwang Hill Impact Puzzle. You can follow these hints for if you’d like to try the task on your own. Otherwise, you can read until you are done without hassle.

The statues should be activated in the proper order (check the image below for a reference). First, the statues are situated in front of the pond. The second one is next to the tree. After those, you’ll see the third statue next to yellow flowers. And the last one is close to the edge of the cliff.


All players have to do is to get Fragment Stone as well as additional rewards like XP and other. Keep an eye on us to keep up with all the updates. We are on Twitter or like the Facebook pages of our company. Additionally, you can sign up to our newsletter and receive all of the news right in your inbox.