An organic search position is a place on a web search where your company is naturally positioned. This means there are no advertisements or paid promotions used for better results and that they occur just based upon words that naturally occur throughout your content. This will include location, contact information, and details. 

Organic Search Positions

When people perform a search on any browser, they will receive a list of results that apply to their search. These are found by scanning websites and texts to find the words that are included within the search. The more matches that appear within the article, the higher up on the results it will appear, along with those that are the closest match, and those that are most often visited and trusted will appear higher in the results than others. Organic search results are those that are not based upon keywords and SEO strategies but that organically and naturally fit the requirements. 

SEO Positions

Search engine optimization uses keywords and phrases to create content that will be listed as a result of many searches. They are used intentionally and often do not appear naturally within the content but are added specifically for the purpose of being found in the results. This can bring them into the results and make them rank your website in Auckland, though if it is not a good match, it will not be visited and will be further down any future results. For this reason, organic search positions are more valuable than those that are manipulated.

Location Within Searches

People are more likely to follow the links and results that are higher up in the lists. The most chosen are those that are within the first three pages, as the majority of people will not scroll past the third page of results for further results. Sites and articles that appear on the first page of results are the most interacted with, and the higher up on that page, the more interactions it is likely to receive. For this reason, it is important to obtain higher rankings in the results through building a reliable and trustworthy site with value-added content, using keywords that show location and contact information, and providing quality products or services. One of the factors that are used in determining what companies appear in the results is the location of those companies. Search engines will respond with businesses that are in the area of the search being conducted. The top results will be for those that are within the same city or town, and as they move further down the list, the locations will be further from where the search was launched. This provides useful results to anyone who is looking for a business that is close to them. However, in areas where there are several businesses, it is harder to become close to the top of those results. Cities and other areas that have many businesses, especially in the hundreds and thousands of businesses that provide similar products and services, will be more difficult to achieve the top search results.