Gone are the days when men used to sport a hat only to protect their heads. The 21stcentury style-conscious man wants to appear well turned out for both casual and formal occasions and events. And according to most style experts, hats have a way to transform a man’s look. It can make them appear stylish and modish, without trying too hard. And when men choose a fedora, they can look fashionable effortlessly.

So, have you been waiting to sport a wide-brim fedora? Even though you gave a solid nod to that, you perhaps feel that you can’t carry it well. Irrespective of the reason, now it’s time to leave your generic hat and level up the hat game. When you want to opt-in for the big hats for men and sport a wide-brim fedora, you need to add more thought to it.

Are you not sure where to get started? If yes, then in this article, we will discuss the basics for you to get comfortable wearing the wide-brim fedora.

The fedora hat form

Fedora hats have been present for some time now. And naturally, it has undergone an evolution of its own. However, some core features are still the same. For instance, it still has a flat and flexible brim with a width of two or three inches and can bend slightly downward or upward. It also comes with a fixed crown and an indented center crease along with pinched sides.

Usually, the fedoras get made of wool felt. Initially, the hat got made with animal fur felt. However, today, fedoras are available in various materials that comprise wool felt, synthetic blends, canvas straw, and leather. Today, you can come across the furl felt fedoras online, but it will be costly than other variants.

The bigger hats can be better

Typically, a wide brim hat possesses a brim that measures up to three inches or more. And since this hat generally takes up more space on the head, it is essential to ensure that the hat is in correct proportion to your body frame and face shape. At times the hat can be comfortable, but it might not give you a correct look. You need to check whether the hat has a flattering effect on your face and decide on the rest.

Style blends with function

The fedora hat is timeless headwear for men. And this hat is not just a throwback to an era that’s gone by when smart gentlemen used to wear them every day, but it has also evolved into a go-to style staple for the fashion-conscious men who want to be well turned out. Renowned celebrities such as Rami Malek and Johnny Depp have worn the fedora, which adds to its versatile nature and allows the wearer to either dress down or up with it.

That is not all! The fedora hats for men are highly functional. And it is more so when it comes with a wide brim. And unlike the baseball caps, flat caps, beanies, or any other hats with a narrow-brim, like the trilbies and pork pie hats, the wide brim fedora will provide complete neck and full-face protection from the snow, sun, wind, and rain.

The era of the wide-brim fedoras made of felt

If you are a man who swears by style, you must have one wool felt fedora hat for yourself. You can choose colors like gray, black, navy or brown. All these neutral shades should provide a solid foundation for the wardrobe that will appear good with anything that you wear. And when you have covered all the basics, you can experiment with the various pattern, colors, embellishments, and fabrics.

Finally, when it comes to fashion accessories, hat styles will emerge and move away. What seems to be a hit one year ago might not continue to be so the next year. However, the wide brim fedora is timeless and will always stay in fashion. It gets considered a versatile headwear that men can wear for casual outings and other occasions. Most men resort to the wide-brim fedora for practical reasons. It effectively protects you against the elements and can add more drama when you slant it slightly upwards or keep it tipped atop the eyes.

It might take some time for men to get used to sporting a wide brim or big hat. However, once you give it a try, you will gradually become comfortable with it. All it takes is practice. And most importantly, you need to purchase the wide-brim fedora from the best hat maker who will ensure that you get the correct fit. Your hat size should be accurate; else, it might be too loose or tight for you. Both will be uncomfortable and will ruin your style. So, make sure that you choose the wide brim fedora from a reputed hat maker and flaunt it with style.