Salesforce remains the most popular and reputable CRM tool in the modern market. All sorts of businesses and organizations rely on Salesforce to optimize their workflows, establish and maintain contact with their customers and partners and therefore get ahead in the competition.

That is why Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers – the professionals who make all the Salesforce benefits and solutions available for those companies, are among the most sought-after and high-paid professionals in their field if they passed the certification with a professional Salesforce training by industry experts..

An average salary of a Salesforce Admin in India is around ₹ 5.0 LPA, which is very high for the local market. The situation is the same all over the world, which means that by becoming a Salesforce Admin or Salesforce Developer you will earn much more than the average wage level in your region, wherever you live.

But what about Salesforce Certification? Is it a mandatory procedure for a modern Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer, or just a pleasant bonus that will give you a slight advantage at your next Salesforce job interview?

In this article, we shall talk about the meaning of Salesforce Certification for Admins and Developers today and the reasons you may want to apply for the closes Certification test ASAP.

What does it mean to work in Salesforce?

Working with Salesforce gives you perspectives and opportunities not available for most IT positions today. Except for a significantly higher salary, a Salesforce Admin or a Salesforce Developer gets a chance to choose from hundreds of businesses and organizations from various fields and industries since Salesforce is applicable and efficient for financial companies as well as non-profits, fashion brands, and retailers, medical companies, agriculture, etc.

For all those employers a Salesforce professional is a sort of wizard who makes the advanced Salesforce CRM tools available and applicable for their operation and helps them become most efficient and stand out in the crowd of competitors.

A Salesforce Developer will create personalized tools and apps, tailor the existing solutions for the company`s needs and introduce innovative data management techniques.

A Salesforce Admin will serve as a link between company and Salesforce technical personnel, help to establish a seamless workflow introducing the new CRM tools and solutions, tutor the team to work with them and maintain data quality.

That is why any business or organization, no matter how big and in which market they work needs skilled and qualified Salesforce professionals to boost up their CRM game.

But do they care for the Salesforce Certifications?

Who is a certified Salesforce professional?

There are different opinions about the importance of certifications for various professionals. Some may say that it is the demonstration of your dedication to the field and professional curiosity that distinguishes a prospective team member. Others argue that various certifications are a waste of time and energy, why hands-on experience and life skills are what make a professional.

Both opinions don`t really apply to Salesforce Certification. Here is why:

  • Salesforce Certification is achieved through additional training and testing;
  • Training for your Salesforce Certification exam you dive deep into the latest updates and CRM tools released by Salesforce;
  • Salesforce Certification is not a one-time exam but a procedure that should be maintained throughout your whole career in Salesforce.

In other words, Salesforce Certification is your opportunity to lay your hands on the latest updates first and offer them to your employer. It is a professional culture code that keeps you on the cutting edge of the latest Salesforce developments and encourages you to discover and apply new techniques and skills.

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