The question that always creeps up in people’s minds when they decide to visit an orthodontist is how much it will cost them. With the advancements made in orthodonture and the current living standards, the prices of orthodontist treatment are a bit high, but there are ways in which the fee is subsidized. 

The orthodontists in Grayslake, IL  offer various services, but most specialize in braces fitting. With different types of braces available, their prices do vary and here are how the costs of braces are decided.

Orthodontist Expertise

When it comes to quality technique and experience, all orthodontists differ. In the health sector, your treatment depends on how much you can pay. The orthodontist’s expertise would factor in the braces’ price, and this does not mean that you should settle on just any orthodontist. It would be best if you only accepted treatment from a board-certified orthodontist.

Types Of Braces You Choose

Each dental alignment has a specific kind of braces that will achieve the desired result, and each of these braces will offer you the option to pick which braces you would like. According to the latest stats, most patients prefer traditional metal braces. Still, if they are going to factor in their appearances, most decide on clear aligners or Invisalign. So how much is Invisalign? There are various options for Invisalign; hence the price would be a bit affordable.

The Complexity of The Condition and Treatment

Once you decide to visit the orthodontist, they are supposed to examine you and let you know the course of treatment and why they are taking that course. For instance, once the orthodontist discovers that you have got a severe underbite\overbite or overcrowded teeth, they will recommend additional procedures, including extractions or dental surgery; thus, you would need custom-made braces; hence the price would be high.

Your Orthodontist Approach

Your choice of braces is highly influenced by the approach your orthodontist may decide to use in your treatments. Like any medical field, success in the orthodontic field is achievable using various techniques; if your orthodontist prefers the most aggressive course of treatment, that would mean that they would be dealing and fitting you with more sophisticated braces than if they choose a more slow and steady approach.

The Location

The cost of living influences the services offered in the healthcare sector. So if your orthodontist is located in an area with a high cost of living, their braces prices will be higher than an orthodontist practicing in a place where the cost of living is low.

Length Of the Treatment Period

With teeth alignment, the orthodontist will prescribe you the best braces fit for your condition. With each kind of braces, there is always a period that you are supposed to wear them; hence the longer you wear your braces, the more adjustments you’ll need. If your braces require constant adjustments, they will be reflected in the price. The longer the period you wear them, the higher the price since it has to include the adjustments involved.

The Materials Used

There are different braces available, with each type of brace made of different materials from the other. These materials range from ceramic to metal; hence, the cost of materials used to create the braces hugely factors in the end price of the braces. So if you require sophisticated or custom-made braces, the price will be higher than regular ones.


Once your braces are removed, you have to follow up with your orthodontist to ensure permanent results. Different braces work in different ways, such that for some braces to deliver the desired results, you have to wear retainers. The extra cost incurred to purchase the aftercare retainers is always included in the braces purchase price since they are bought as a package.


Once you are fitted with braces, the aim is to have them on until the desired result is achieved, but this does not mean that they can’t be adjusted. If you require any modifications such as adjusting the brackets, adding supplementary attachment devices, or tightening the braces, the end price of the braces will be higher.

Your Insurance Policy

If your insurance policy covers the expenses incurred by you getting braces, then the braces price will be lower than if you lacked the policy. It is essential that when picking out a health policy, you should ensure that it also covers orthodontic treatments. Since most insurance policies tend to exclude orthodontic treatments from their policies, ensure that it covers or at least subsidizes the cost of the braces if needed.

Many factors influence the end price of braces, so it would be wise if you first consult an orthodontist and have them explain all options available and help you select the best option that will ensure the desired result is achieved.