Can you do without junk removal services if you’re planning to renovate your kitchen? Where will all the old appliances and cabinets go?

Fortunately, you don’t need to agonize over these questions – junk removal companies will do all the work for you – talk of an underrated service, and this is it. Meanwhile, if you’re considering a cleanout, check our Out Door Spring Cleaning Tips | EZ Junk Removal | Chicago IL Location.

Well then, before settling for such a service, you would be keen to find out how much they charge, right? Plus, what criteria do they use to determine the rates? Here is a detailed guide on the same.

The volume of Waste

Junk removal companies charge depending on the amount and type of junk you need to dispose of. For instance, if you’re planning to get rid of an old hot tub, it will cost more than removing other items – hot tubs are bulky and, therefore, more challenging to haul away.

Determining the volume of waste you have is not always easy. Plus, some companies have a minimum charge for the amount of waste they’ll remove. Still, others will have you describe the items over the phone or send photos via email so they can provide you with an estimate. Be sure to visit here and ask about all of your options for dumpster rental to make sure you get the best deal and the right size for your needs.


You could also pay for junk removal services based on weight, regardless of how much space it takes up in a truck. The firm may have a minimum weight they’ll remove, such as 1000 pounds. If your junk weighs less, you’ll still pay for the minimum.

Other companies include your junk’s weight in the price they charge per cubic yard. A cubic yard is the amount of space junk takes up in their truck.

Most junk removal companies will remove anything non-hazardous (more on this below) and can be lifted by two people. This includes appliances, electronics, furniture, and mattresses.

That said, it’s not always easy to estimate the weight of your trash. Ask the company you’re considering their minimum weight and whether they charge by weight or volume.

Plus, unless the waste company uses a scale in their truck, they will estimate the weight of your junk anyway. Hence, if you compare quotes between companies, ensure they use the same method to weigh the waste.


Your home’s location could also impact junk removal costs. Some companies don’t factor in your location in their quote. Instead, they charge a flat rate. Others charge a per-mile fee based on the distance from their office to your home – standard practice by companies servicing a large area.

The more distance they cover, the more it will cost you. Employee hours also factor into the equation. If it takes the workers longer to drive to your home, they can’t take on as many jobs in a day.

Similarly, you could pay more if you live in a rural setting than if you did in the city. Why, you ask? For starters, the waste company has to cover a longer distance to get to you. And that means their truck would use more gas.

Additionally, fewer junk removal companies may be servicing your area, so you’ll have less competition and higher prices. Along the same lines, the company may have to pay a higher landfill fee because your municipality is further away from the nearest dump. Also, competition among waste companies is usually higher in urban areas, so companies have to keep their prices competitive. We hope you get the drift.

Type of Junk

Some items are more expensive to remove than others. For example, hazardous materials like asbestos and lead paint cost more to dispose of because the company has to take special precautions when handling them. The same goes for electronic waste like TVs and computers – they must be disposed of at a particular facility.

Other items that could cost more to remove include construction debris, like lumber and drywall, and refrigerated appliances -freezers and fridges come to mind. The company you hire would be best poised to help you determine whether an item is hazardous or construction debris.

Other Pricing Factors

Besides the elements we’ve tackled, a few other factors can impact the price. These include:

  • Accessibility– If the junk is in your basement or any other hard-to-reach place, it will cost more to remove as the workers will have to spend more time hauling it out. The same goes for items that are too large to fit through doorways and require dismantling before removal. 
  • Special requirements– If you have specific requirements, such as wanting the workers to wear booties or not damage your floors, you could pay more.
  • Time – You may pay a premium if you need the junk removed outside of regular business hours. Similarly, requesting same-day service may cost you more than if you were to schedule the pickup a few days in advance.

A lot of variables impact the pricing for junk removal services. Plus, there’s no science to it – every company has its way of calculating how much to charge. As a general rule, the cost will be based on most (if not all) of the aspects we’ve discussed.