Did you play at an online casino, won something only to fall prey to some weird terms and condition that you probably didn’t know about? You aren’t alone. 

Especially when it comes to an unreliable site, you would want to know how to stay safe.

That is why we have dedicated a section in this guide to tell you how to defeat casino wagering requirements. Let us see how you can do that.

Go through the terms and conditions thoroughly.

You would be surprised to know that most casino players do not even bother to look at the “Terms and conditions” page of an online casino. This page contains information about all the wagering requirements accompanied by all the bonus offers. You need to know about them before you decide to avail yourself of a casino bonus. Look for the fine print below the bonus offers before you commit.

Also, you need to know your capability as a casino player. You should be aware of the money you can win at casinos with your skillset and luck. Then you compare that with the wagering requirement amount. If you see that you cannot meet the wagering requirement even if you achieve your maximum win amount, avoid that bonus. Do the same if you see that you will be left with a paltry amount after covering the wagering requirement.

Choose the right casino.

Some casinos have a 50 percent wagering requirement, while some have a 20x wagering requirement. Some casinos impose a time limit on the wagering requirements of the bonuses. It means you have to cover the wagering requirement of the bonus offer before time runs out. The time limit can be as narrow as 24 hours or as wide as 30 days. Certain casinos do not have a wagering requirement at all.

Wagering requirements work in different ways in different casinos. You have to conduct thorough research of all the available online casinos before deciding which one of them you will play in. Choose the casino based on reviews of other players, licensing credentials, customer service, and details of the casino bonus wagering requirements.

Choose the right games.

Choosing the right online casino is work half done. You also have to play the right games to beat the wagering requirements. Some casino games have high returns and low house edges. Playing these games will allow you to win extra money and help meet any betting requirements that might exist in your jurisdiction.

Some games contribute a percentage of your wager towards meeting wagering requirements; other contribute 100% of it towards fulfilling them. It has been seen that slots contribute 100% of your wager to the wagering requirement, while card games contribute about 50%.

Players should be aware of the game contribution percentage of every casino game before they play it.

There must be some games that you are especially good at. You are thorough with the strategies of these games, and your chances of winning are high. Play these games when you are trying to cover wagering terms.