This virtual shopping center has the most amazing selection of furniture and gadgets at an unbelievable rate. It is legit if you read the description.

Do you want to purchase new electronic gadgets for your home? Do you wait for long periods of time for household appliances to be on sale? This blog is for you if the answer to any of the above questions is “YES”.

Cead Store is a virtual shop that sells a variety of original and brand-name electronic gadgets and appliances at an affordable price. The store claims to be open in both the United States and internationally.

But what about its legality? Is Cead Store Legit Let’s take a look at this.

What is the price of Cead Store authenticity?

The store claims to be a digital shop that offers authentic service. Let’s find out if they are lying.

  • Since around a decade, the store has been serving customers in the United States. It was founded on December 10, 2008, in New York.
  • Google Maps shows the address.
  • The trust rank shows an average rating of around 57 points out 100.
  • It is 12 years old and does not have a community platform account (Facebook or Instagram).
  • Cead Store Review is not available online.
  • It does not have policy terms.
  • This content was copied from different sites such as Amazon and Google support system.
  • We have not provided any brand information.
  • MYBIGCOMMERCE.COM is the registered name of the store

The site needs to be thoroughly rechecked as reviews and social engagement are not available.

What’s Cead Store?

Cead is a digital shop that sells electronic household appliances. Cead store sells more than just appliances. People can also buy modern designer task lamps and furniture. You can quickly view the product by clicking the Quick View option. Or, you can visit the product to see the complete description.

Is Cead Store Legit Noble House, Whirlpool and Apple are all being sold. All products are shown in one picture, with no color options.

Specifications for Cead store:

  • URL of Cead Store:
  • Cead Store Corporate Address: 4193, Ricky Ln. Paulina, LA-70763 USA
  • Telephone Number: 254730044
  • Calling Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8.30 am – 4.45 pm; Friday – 8.30am – 4.30pm; Saturday – closed.
  • Email Address:
  • Delivery Time: Standard Delivery Time is 5-10 Business Days.
  • Delivery Charges: Although the exact details are not visible, they will be calculated at checkout.
  • Cead Store LegalProper checking is required.
  • Area Serves: All Over the USA, UK, CA, & AU
  • The buyer may return the product within 30 days. After the return, the refund process begins.
  • We are unable to provide details about the Replacement Policy.
  • Payment Method: Online. No gateways are listed.


  • This site sells top brands’ products.
  • These products are original and new.
  • There are many options for gadgets, lamps, books, and furniture.
  • There is also a section for general questions.
  • It is a very old site, it has been in operation for 12 years.


  • Average trust rank
  • Several policy details are unavailable.
  • We do not have payment gateways.
  • Review are not possible.
  • Engagement is low among people.

Cead Store Review:

This site has been around for over a decade. It should have many comments. Unfortunately, not one product has been reviewed or rated by users. The site does not have a comment section.

We tried searching various weblogs but, unluckily, nothing was found. We were unable to find any comments on TrustPilot. There is also no community engagement. Cead Store does not have an account on Instagram or Twitter. There is no way to see what other users’ opinions are because there aren’t any reviews.

Is Cead Store Legit You should not post comments online or events on social media as they are not public.

Final Thought:

Cead has delivered original brand items at an amazing rate. The store also boasts an average trust ranking with correct contact details. However, there are many details missing, including payment process details, comments, and promotions. You can find out how fraudsters use PayPal by clicking here.

Don’t trust this website blindly. Please do your research before you use it. Click here and to learn how scammers make fraudulent calls about Credit Cards.

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