Experts predict the digital business card industry could be worth as much as USD 242.3 million by 2027. These huge revenues emphasize the demand for these modern online products amongst consumers. 

But how can you design a virtual business card that makes a lasting impression on your clients? It’s crucial to have a design that stands out to avoid potential customers forgetting about your company as soon as they close their screens.

While this can be challenging in an era when digital cards are so popular, you can follow some simple design hints and tips to create a unique and memorable virtual business card.

Read on to learn more. 

Have a Clean and Tidy Layout

The best digital business card should not have unnecessary clutter that gets in the way of your key message. When deciding on a layout, consider which bits of information must be on the card, and which ones would be taking up space without adding value.

This process will help you create a clean layout that is easy on the eye.

Pick a Consistent Color Scheme

Designing a virtual card can be a lot of fun, and you can easily spend hours experimenting with various color schemes. But, try to remember that your card is an extension of your business. Therefore, the colors you choose should be similar to those used in your other marketing materials.

Keeping a smooth and consistent color format can also help people focus on your text. This reduces the chances of clients becoming distracted by a vast array of different shades.

Put the Most Important Information First

If you want to create the best virtual business card, you need to make sure your customers can quickly locate the information they need. Increasingly, people are storing travel tickets, virtual debit cards, and other documents on their phones.

If they can’t see your name, company brand, and the nature of your business in an instant, they could quickly keep scrolling through to different cards that are also on their phones. 

Use High-Quality Visuals

No matter which virtual business card app you choose to use, it’s essential to only upload high-quality images for your digital card. This includes your company logo, your headshot if you are adding your own picture, and any images you may include of your products.

If you are using QR codes on business cards, these should also be clear and easy to find. This can increase the chances of clients scanning your codes and going through to your sales pages.

Design Your Stunning Virtual Business Card

Creating a striking virtual business card can massively boost your online marketing efforts and help clients to remember your brand. It’s a good idea to only include informative and useful information and ensure your card is easy to read at a glance. 

You should also only add the very best images, and use a color scheme that isn’t distracting when people are viewing your details.

Before long, your digital business cards could be generating plenty of new inquiries for your company.

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