Nowadays it is not enough to simply get your work done, you also have to have it perfect and ready yesterday. This means that you need to not only be accomplished but be quick. But how can workers in a faced past world stay ahead? There are many answers to this, but the best answer is by having the right tools, and for people working in an office setting that is the PDF editor. Since PDFs are such an important part of work for people working with documents, having the best PDF editor is essential. For those seeking that extra edge in a competitive field, the best solution is by using a PDF editor that goes the extra mile to deliver, and that PDF editor is Lumin PDF. For people who work with documents that they have to fill in, manage or share, it is important to have a PDF editor like Lumin PDF to assist you as you work, but why is that? And what do PDF editors do exactly?

What jobs a PDF editor can make it easier for you

A PDF editor can do many things using its arsenal of tools, but probably the most well-known and most used function of PDF editors is their ability to edit PDFs or more specifically add text to a blank document or one that has blanks. PDF editors can be used to not only view and edit a PDF but to create them from scratch, add images, and so forth. The reason people use PDFs so much compared to other document types is that you can edit a PDF in ways that you can’t with a Word document for example. PDFs are more versatile, secure, and easier to edit if you have the right PDF editor.

Besides simply editing a PDF with a PDF editor, you can also use it as a conversion tool. Lumin PDF and other PDF editing applications offer users the ability to take a file and convert it into a PDF file. This is essential since not all documents start as a PDF. If you need to edit a Microsoft Word Document, add images and graphs then sign it, it needs to be a PDF first. Not all PDF conversion tools are the same but in general, they allow you to make almost any file into a PDF. Being able to convert a PDF means you can work with many different types of files and combine them into one PDF document. But how do you combine PDFs?

In addition to converting PDFs, you can combine them with the merge PDF tool. The merge PDF tool is a PDF editing tool that lets you take two or more PDFs and combine them into a single document. The reason this can be so useful is because if you are working on a report, book, or any other type of large-scale document, it will be necessary to take other documents and put them together without having them being in two different files. On the contrary, sometimes you might need to separate a PDF page or section from a larger PDF, then the split PDF tool has you covered. By using these two tools together, you can better manage and organize your PDFs for your clients, coworkers, or management.

One of the other important tools that PDF editors and PDFs in general offer relative to other file types is their ability to be secured. PDFs can be password protected and encrypted meaning only certain people will have access to the document. Cyber security is a massive issue, as is data protection so having a way to secure your information is vital. If you are working with Lumin PDF, you will have the ability to secure your file twice. Once with Lumin and a second time with Google when you save it in a Google Drive account.

Opportunities that are provided by Lumin PDF editor 

As mentioned before, there are some special opportunities available to users when working with PDF editors and in particular Lumin PDF editor. One of the biggest advantages of using Lumin PDF is that it works perfectly with Google Drive. The reason that this is so good for you and your businesses is that it allows for secure storage and sharing. In diverse dynamic workplaces, it is often the case that a project or file is not only being worked on by one person but rather as part of a group collective or project. This is why giving other people the ability to access those PDFs is essential. When using Lumin PDF, you can work on a PDF, save it to your Google Drive as a PDF with a password protecting it, then one of your colleagues who also has permission to use the file can simply log in to Google Drive and work on it as well.

How to edit PDF by Lumin version

We can see just how useful Lumin PDF is and how it offers a diverse array of tools, functionalities, and utilities to satisfy any organizational need, but how do you use it? Luckily this is an easy question to answer as Lumin PDF is one of the more user-friendly PDF editors. Unlike Adobe Acrobat, it is seen as a great PDF for first-time users as well as experienced ones. Once you have Lumin PDF on your device, it is mostly a matter of opening it and then selecting a file to open and begin work. Also, you can navigate to your file in your browser, find the PDF and then open it (you might be asked which application to open it with, you can simply click Lumin PDF). From there you can start working on your PDF. IF you need to fill in a document, add an image file, or even e-sign your name to validate a contract, Lumin PDF offers all these functions. Once you are finished you can save your file to your device or into your Google Drive account where it will be secured and ready to use at a later date.