Beautiful thick hair has always been the decoration of a woman. However, not everyone can boast of the magnificent hair that his nature has endowed.

Owners of fine hair usually complain about the lack of volume of hairstyles, the dull and dull appearance of locks.

Tips to solve the problem

Here are some tips for solving this problem

You can add volume by rinsing after washing with decoctions of medicinal plants (sage, oak bark, birch leaves). For nutrition and vitamin enrichment, it is advisable to apply a special mask of eggs, honey and vegetable oil.

Many fashion blogs have covered this topic. But in this, all parts will be covered. A compress of crushed burdock roots, infused for 24 hours on a mixture of almond, petroleum jelly and sunflower oil helps strengthen the hair. It is advisable to heat the compress before use. It is necessary to apply on the roots, rubbing carefully on the scalp.

To wash your hair, you can add a couple of tablespoons of gelatin to the shampoo, which will give the hairstyle not only volume but also vitality.


Very short haircuts and long hairstyles are not your choice. The optimal length for thin and weakened hair is up to the shoulder line because too long strands will receive insufficient amounts of nutrients and their structure will become thinner and more fragile. Short haircuts with different lengths of individual strands will add extra volume to the hairstyle.

A haircut

Bean-based haircuts are ideal. And you can cut the steps along the entire length. Such a haircut will make your hair more airy.


To dye fine hair, it is advisable to immediately use 2-3 shades. The combination of a light shade with a darker visual shade adds volume to the hair. In no case do you need to radically change the color, as this will have negative consequences, the shine will be lost. The best option is a combination of tint and highlight. It is also recommended to use natural dyes (for example, henna, basma), since they not only shade the strands, but also thicken their structure.

Shampoo / balm or supplements

Choose special shampoos and conditioners to add volume to your hair (usually marked “volume”). Pay attention to what the hair is intended for: oily, dry or normal hair. Also, paying attention to the benefits of hair with CBD oil can allow you to use and can do wonders in terms of growth problems and thinness. Otherwise, the effect may be the opposite.

Supplements are another great option, as protein doses in the form of tablets or shakes can be a good way to increase hair volume.


Mousse and hair dryer will help put fine hair into a voluminous hairstyle. Better to use a hair dryer and a diffuser – it will help lift strands at the roots and make hair lush. Can reach volume when placed without hair dryer. After you wash your hair, towel dry it and roll large curlers. After 20 minutes, dismantle them into curls and fix the effect with styling gel.

Don’t overdo it with a hair dryer; If the hair is too dry, they will not keep the volume. Tons of varnish on the head won’t add volume either.