Nothing can feel more inconvenient than an irritating string of hiccups.

Thankfully, you’re not going to end up with hiccups for 68 years like the current Guinness World record holder. Most hiccup cases go away on their own with no intervention.

Hiccups are bodily contractions that occur in the diaphragm, the part between your abdomen and chest. The diaphragm helps regulate your breathing but can get disrupted for multiple reasons.

Everything from eating a huge dinner to getting too excited can trigger hiccups. Soda and alcoholic beverages can also bring on a hiccup fit.

Learn how to get rid of hiccups quickly so that you can get back to your day.

Other Possible Causes of Hiccups

So, what’s happening to your body when you’re hiccuping?

The contractions in your diaphragm cause your vocal cords to open and shut, creating that distinctive sound. Aside from the excitement, beverages, and food, hiccups may be caused by stress and anxiety; these stressors generate adrenaline which can trigger hiccups.

Even a sudden change in room temperature can spur a case of hiccups.

Possible health conditions (besides anxiety) could be culprits, as well. You may be showing signs of a nerve condition or cyst. It may just be acid reflux or the onset of a sore throat.

If the problem persists after a few minutes, try the following remedies for quick relief:

How to Get Rid of Hiccups at Home

The first step is to manage your breathing. Take a few deep breaths before settling into a regular pace. If your hiccups persist, take a few more deep breaths followed by regular breathing.

Breathing into a brown paper lunch bag is a classic tip. Don’t breathe too quickly, just normally. You can try this too when you get too excited and disrupt your breathing.

Are you dehydrated?

A dry throat certainly doesn’t help. Drink a large glass of water without stopping. This should help clear your hiccups; it’s also a great hiccup remedy if your case isn’t caused by dehydration.

You could also try gargling with water. Even warm water with a little salt and lemon could help. Hot tea is another option.

Soothing any throat irritation from allergies helps a lot.

Swallowing air is another popular remedy. Do this a few times to see if your hiccups go away. It often works best when alternating between deep breathing, regular breathing, and holding your breath.

Holding your breath for several seconds is a great trick for instant relief.

Soothing candy is another way to treat your hiccups. If you want targeted relief, visit to learn more about lollipops specially formulated to provide hiccup relief. 

If the problem persists, talk to your doctor if your hiccups are starting to disrupt your life. A chiropractor may also provide some insight into the issue, especially if there is a problem in your chest area. There are also respiratory specialists and gastrointestinal physicians who can help, as well. 

Get the Relief You Need

Dealing with hiccups can be a pain. Learn how to get rid of hiccups with the above tips and tricks. The blog is also full of information to manage life’s aches and pains.