You might be surprised to learn that approximately forty percent of American adults claim to live in a household with a gun. While guns certainly aren’t a responsibility that anyone can manage, many people feel the need to own one as a last line of home protection against crime. However, this makes it all the more vital that gun owners know how to operate their weapons in the safest manner possible.

The first thing any gun owner needs to know is how to hold a gun properly. This brief guide will break down how to do it the right way.

How to Hold a Gun: The Basics

Before you hold a gun of any kind, you should keep one thing in mind every time: always assume the gun is loaded. No matter how sure you think you are that a gun has no bullets in it, never point the barrel anywhere other than away from you in a safe direction. Another crucial bit of gun holding advice is to always make sure the safety button is on, all the way until you’re ready to fire.

Now, assuming you are starting with a handheld weapon such as a pistol or revolver, you should primarily use your dominant hand when holding a gun. Your non-dominant hand should brace both your dominant hand and the gun from underneath.

Let your dominant hand’s pinky, ring, and middle fingers wrap around the grip while your index finger rests gently against the side of the gun, parallel to the barrel. Your thumb should be bracing the barrel in a similar manner from the other side. Do not put your index finger over the trigger until you are ready to fire, and make sure your remaining fingers keep a firm, confident grip.

Then, let the heel of your non-dominant hand cover the remaining exposed space on the grip. Your non-dominant thumb should rest right under your dominant hand’s thumb, running parallel with it. The remaining fingers of your non-dominant hand should wrap around your dominant hand from the base of the grip.

Shooting Position

Now that you’re gripping your gun properly, you will want to assume the right stance for firing.

Additional gun holding tips you’ll want to follow will be keeping your feet shoulder-width apart, then extending your arms outward at shoulder height as you aim down the barrel.

When ready, toggle off the safety button, then let your dominant index finger hover over the trigger. Remember, don’t pull the trigger, squeeze it instead and brace for recoil.

When finished firing, you’ll need a safe place to conceal the gun. Shop these holsters for safe and effective means of carrying your gun.

An Informed Gun Owner is a Responsible Gun Owner

Knowing how to hold a gun is only one essential component of gun safety. The first step toward keeping you and your family safe is keeping yourself armed with as much safety knowledge as possible.

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