You will have some communication APIs if you’re working on a large-scale project. Whether it’s Slack for team communications, Facebook Messenger for customer service, or Twilio to send SMS messages on behalf of your company. These services are examples of how an organization can make its job more accessible by using communication APIs. Here are ways to maintain a good communication API.

1. Maintain Communication with Your Provider

There are several ways to maintain a good relationship with the provider of your communication API. First, make sure you optimize your use of the APIs. With proper API use, you can reduce the number of fees you’re paying for each platform. Also, check for new features that may benefit your organization. Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns, send them in so there is no confusion on how your company can best use the messaging services.

2. Don’t Overload Your Integrations

Integrations can be very useful, but if you overload an API, it can cause issues. Don’t send too many messages or make too many calls at once for communication APIs. Follow the guidelines for different platforms so there are no issues on the provider’s end. For example, if you are using Slack for communication, you can effectively use the different channel types to distinguish between issues, assets, and other information types.

3. Build a Mobile App

Using the API to send inbound messages is great. But you can’t forget about the use of your mobile app. If your customer has an issue while using your special discount code, they don’t want to wait for that customer service rep to try and help them out. The best way to handle this is with a mobile app that can be installed on their phone whenever they need help, like Square or Uber.

4. Update Your API Frequently

Communication APIs change quickly. The latest releases may be harder to update and may not work on older API versions. If you notice any issue with the latest version, implement a plan to update your organization’s usage for a new version. For example, update your bot with the latest API if you’re using Slack. This ensures your usage will be the same with each update.

5. Don’t Overuse a Communication API

While communication APIs are beneficial for your organization, too many of them can become a bad thing. For example, if your customers are getting multiple messages from you regarding announcements and products, this will look spammy. Customers may get tempted to unsubscribe from your service. When using communication APIs like SMS or Facebook Messenger, space out the messages to avoid overwhelming customers.

For example, you can use a voice broadcast to make mass calls to your customers. Voice broadcast can be a great way to handle your customer service communication. You can also use voice broadcast to keep track of customers that have visited your website location.

6. Track Your Data

Track all the information your customers are sending through each communication API. This will help you track how well you are handling the various types of communications your customers need from time to time. You can also use the data to understand what needs improvement in your communication API.

For example, if you are using Slack, you can track all your customer’s responses and build a list of who is responding well and who is not. You can use this information to improve your customer service.

7. Make an Apiary

Another great way to maintain a good API is through an apiary. An apiary has all the documentation needed to maintain the communication API. When you make an apiary, you can establish guidelines on properly using the communication API. This will allow for transparency throughout your organization and allows you to keep the documentation consistent with the latest updates.

8. Don’t Forget About the Reporting

Reporting is very important. You need to establish a reporting structure to see what your company sends to each provider. Are you sending too many messages and exceeding the number of allowed calls? Or do you need to send more messages or calls based on peak hours and the number of customers on your site? Your reporting structure should be thorough so it is easier to see the analytics of what your company is doing with each communication API.


Maintaining a good relationship with a provider of your communication API is very important. If handled properly, this can help you save money on fees and create more consistent communications with your customers and staff. These methods are effective ways to maintain a good communication API, which can benefit your organization.