It is easy to think of typical industries and workplaces that are local to our hometown, or talked about in the news often, like construction and farming. However, there are some industries now around that may never enter your mind. You might benefit from them without even realizing. Being more aware of these industries can offer insight into new work opportunities and potential places to invest in less known companies.

Deep Sea

Exploring the oceans is not a new endeavor but you might be surprised to know that there is much more to it than learning about marine life and fishing. There is a full breadth of sectors within the deep-sea industry, that require scientists, engineers, and divers, amongst other professionals. Deep sea exploration is aimed at discovering more about the seas that cover 70% of the earth’s surface to conserve them and improve our lives. For example, there are work projects that specifically study underwater volcanoes, study ocean chemistry, map sea floors, and study sunken ships. 

Lithium Mining

So, mining has been around for a while with elements like gold still being accessible. There are even companies that you can use to buy gold online now such as Nuggets by Grant. There are some mining niches that are gaining serious traction though, and you may never have thought of them before. Lithium is a good example. This is becoming a huge industry in locations like Argentina and Chile, where Lithium is amply available. This is because of the demand for batteries in the switch to renewable energy. Quite ironic, when you consider that the key component of the battery is a limited resource that lies below natural salt flats.

Unique Photography

Gone are the days where a photographer is just a photographer, now they all have a niche. You will know of a portrait photographer, a wedding photographer or even a landscape photographer, but there are quite a few strange ones that would surprise you. Abstract photography is a good example of this. Many photographers are now heading into this field which is the art of creating strange modern photographs with the use of different equipment and materials. The photos should tell a story or express an emotion, often without being obviously clear what an object is. 

Sticking to the ‘A’s, astrophotography is also raising in popularity. With the use of special equipment, including a high-quality telescope, photographers can now capture ‘out of this world’ images of stars, planets, and many other deep space phenomena.

There are so many other industries out there that deserve special attention due to their unique qualities. Many of the newest industries are concepts born from wider parent industries that have grown and now have specific niches. Except for up-and-coming technology industries such as artificial intelligence and robotics. Both of those industries can also be applied within many other existing sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing, and even the deep-sea industry is continuing to need the support of robotic technology, as it delves deeper into the depths.