We are trying to understand Kelly Roseberry’s life and legacy in the midst grief. Her contributions have touched many lives. Her life, as a member of a military family and her career, was a testimony to service. Roseberry, a native Washingtonian, was shaped in her journey by her military roots that took her to Germany and the United States. She had a PhD in physical therapy and an education from Virginia Tech in nutrition, food, and exercise. She also was a key figure in the support network for war veterans.

What role did she play at the Travis Mills Foundation

Roseberry’s role in the Travis Mills Foundation went far beyond titles and responsibilities. She has been Vice President of Programming since 2017. Her impact on the foundation was profound and personal. She adapted TMF activities to meet the needs of 9/11 veterans. This ensured that their stay at the foundation wasn’t just rehabilitative, but also enriching. Her expertise as a physical therapy and her administrative skills allowed her to make a significant contribution to the re-calibration of veterans back to civilian life.

What impact did she have on veterans?

Kelly Roseberry was committed to the welfare of veterans in many ways. Kelly Roseberry’s volunteer work at Veterans Administration Hospital saw the dedication of her skills as an amputee specialist and personal trainer, going above and beyond to ensure veterans got the care and support that they needed. Her work as an Adaptive Ski Instructor and director of the Ski Camp for Amputee Kids reflected both her love for adaptive sports and belief in their therapeutic benefits. She shared her expertise and knowledge as an adjunct professor at several universities.

What led to the tragic loss of Kelly Roseberry?

Kelly Roseberry, and Noah, her son, tragically died in a car accident on the 28th of October. This tragic event caused sadness in the community, as it marked both the end of a service-oriented life and a new one that will continue to live on through those she helped.

What impact has her death had on the community?

Kelly Roseberry died on January 25, and the community has responded with a powerful mix of grief and celebration. People from all walks of life have shared their memories and expressed their grief on social media. Her influence was wide-reaching; anyone who heard of her dedication to veterans, their families and the local community saw her as an icon for those that had served their country. This perception was cemented by her role at TMF.

Kelly Roseberry lived a life of unwavering dedication to those who served. She was able to improve the lives of veterans and their families through her education, combined with her personal commitment. Travis Mills Foundation, as well as the wider community, continue to miss her. They reflect on her contributions both with sorrow and gratitude. We say goodbye to a patriot and celebrate her life’s impact, which will continue in her memory to inspire acts of kindness and service.