Krista Maureen was known for many things, including her unique philosophy of “Be Kind and Your Own Kind of Weird.” Krista Maureen Martin passed away peacefully on November 30 at the age of 44, surrounded by her loved ones. She left behind joy and kindness as well as an indomitable will that touched many lives.

Who was Krista Maureen?

Krista Martin was born in Providence, Rhode Island to Rita Martin and Shawn Martin. She moved to Westerly when she was three years old. She graduated Westerly High School with honors in 1997. A passionate athlete and brilliant student, Krista excelled in soccer, softball and basketball. Krista’s early years were a testament to the diverse talents and interests she possessed, which laid the foundation for a multifaceted career.

What were Krista’s academic and professional achievements?

Krista was driven to excellence by her passion for electrical engineering and her love of the subject. The Rhody marching band, concert and pep band at URI were more than an extracurricular; they helped her make lifelong friends. She spent a year in Munich, Germany to pursue her academic goals. Her belief was that “if you are going to study engineering in Germany, you should do it there.” Krista’s career at the Department of Defense’s Naval Undersea Warfare Center, in Newport, was a reflection of both her brilliant mind, and her patriotic spirit.

What was the impact of Krista’s love for music and travel on her life?

Krista considered music and travel to be essential elements of her life. She traveled the world with bands such as Incubus and Sevendust. She immersed herself in different cultures and explored music.

What was Krista’s connection to Supernatural TV show?

Krista’s passion for Supernatural extended beyond simple fandom. By 2023, she attended 87 conventions for the show, making personal connections with cast members, crew and other fans around the world. She was so dedicated to the show that when she was fighting terminal cancer, a Supernatural Weekend in DC was named in her honor.

Who does Krista leave behind?

Krista was a strong woman. She leaves behind Rita and Shawn Martin as well as her brother Shawn Michael and his wife Sara, who was her best friend, along with their children Connor Caleb Owen Natalie and Andrew. Aaron Douglas, her 15-year housemate, as well as several aunts and uncles and cousins will miss her.

How did Krista show generosity even after her death?

Krista’s final act of generosity was to donate her body as part of the Dana Farber Rapid Autopsy Research Program for Metastatic Melanoma. Krista’s decision is a reflection of her generosity and desire to make a difference, even at the end.

What is the “Krista-Martin Band Geek Scholarship?”

Krista Martin established the “Krista Martin Band Geek Scholarship”, for Westerly High School, before her death. This scholarship is designed to help students who are passionate about music and bands. Donations to this scholarship, in lieu of flowers to her memory, are a great way to support the causes that she was passionate about.

How can friends and family pay their respects?

Visitation hours will take place at Gaffney-Dolan in Westerly on Friday, December 8th from 5-7pm. A Celebration of Life will be held at Venice Restaurant on Sunday, December 10th. Krista’s friends and family will be invited to celebrate her life and share their memories.

What can we learn from Krista?

Krista’s story is a testament of kindness, to the importance to live out your passions and to be true to yourself. Her life embodies the message of kindness, academic excellence, passion for music and travel, as well a generous spirit. It is an inspirational testament to living fully, while making positive contributions to society.
Krista Maureen’s life is a beautiful tapestry, full of passions and love relationships. Her philosophy of kindness, and accepting one’s own uniqueness, will continue to inspire all who knew her. We celebrate Krista’s life, which was filled with music, kindness, love and adventure.