We all know that students have to write a great variety of essays. They develop various skills and writing is present in IELTS and other tests. It is crucial to have advanced writing skills because they ensure your academic progress. At times, even advanced skills cannot help because students cannot select relevant topics. For example, many of them are not able to select ideas for the tourism industry.

Luckily, we know the right solution to this issue. Our informative guide has gathered a rich selection of good topic ideas on tourism. By using them, you will not spend time thinking about what can be disclosed. Thus, one of your main headaches will disappear. Make allowances for the next tourism essay topics:

  1. The benefits of international tourism.
  2. How to travel into the wild?
  3. The influence of globalization on tourism.
  4. The importance of tourism for me.
  5. Long journeys vs. short tips: pros and cons.
  6. Why is traveling to a foreign location useful for people?
  7. Tips on traveling to another country.
  8. The global task of tourism.
  9. Traveling helps to understand yourself.
  10. Modern issues of tourists.
  11. How to overcome cultural shock when you come to a new country.
  12. How to adapt to other mentality in a foreign land?
  13. 7 strong reasons to start traveling.
  14. What makes a perfect trip?
  15. The beauty and dangers of exotic countries.
  16. Why are tourists good for a certain country?
  17. What countries are the best destinations?
  18. Entrepreneurship and its development in the sphere of tourism.
  19. Things to do when you go hiking.
  20. The main benefits of camping in the wild.
  21. Camel tourism in Egypt.
  22. Is it safe to travel to Australia?
  23. How to behave in a foreign country?
  24. Tourism helps us learn about nature.
  25. Traveling discovers other cultures.
  26. Tips to make your journey safe.
  27. Must-dos when you are on a visit to a foreign country.
  28. The best sightseeing in London.
  29. Industrial tourism and its attractions.
  30. The top-7 countries every traveler should visit.

These topic ideas are interesting to disclose, aren’t they? You may freely use any of them. Look for similar topic lists to enrich your experience.

Tips on Researching Your Topic Ideas

It is good when you can brainstorm a lot of topic ideas or have access to lists similar to ours. Nonetheless, you may still fail. After you opt for a topic, you ought to disclose it properly. This can be done if you find relevant evidence. It is not that easy and many students have no idea how to research their topics. We can help you in this case as well! We want to provide useful tips on how to research topics.

  • Know your audience. Your first step is to understand the desires of your audience. Imagine that you are a reader. What would you like to learn from this essay? Is it helpful and informative? Does it cover the issue you want to solve? Is the information correct and clear? Ask these and similar questions until you answer all of them positively.
  • Use trustworthy sources. When you research the selected topic, be sure you use only trustworthy information sources. It is better to look among scientific articles, studies, and governmental and educational sites. Always verify all the data you manage to find.
  • Select what’s trendy. Your research should focus on something currently relevant and updated. Be sure to check the latest news and trends in the studied discipline. Choose at least 2-3 potential topics and try to create titles for them. Check which one is more interesting for you and research it.
  • Be sure to find a solution. Before you start to write, make sure you have enough data to disclose the studied issues entirely. When you conduct your research, evaluate the potency of the facts you gather. Do they really provide a clear solution? If the answer is negative, it is better to look for another topic.
  • Take instant notes. It is also vital to take notes when you are in a library or make bookmarks when you surf the Internet. It is really hard to keep in mind all the sources you will find. Therefore, be an active note-taker, and thus you will not miss any important facts.

Follow these smart recommendations. They are universal and so suit any essay type and topic you select. Thus, your research will be trustworthy. 

Additional tip: When you research, you may like to use some citations. To insert citations correctly, use a citation generator. It shows the right way a citation should be according to the assigned style.


Tourism is an interesting discipline about incredible experiences a traveler can enjoy. If you are puzzled by choosing relevant topics, just use our topic list. Our ideas are captivating and will turn writing your essays into a real pleasure.