Whenever you sit down with a lawyer there is a list of questions that need to be asked. Today, we will guide you on certain important questions that will make good use of time. Furthermore, it may be possible that you are familiar with some of the ways but in this article, we will remind you of some of them. Always choose the top Lawyers and the Law Firms in Dubai. Some of the most common questions that must be included in the discussion with the lawyer are the following:

What is your area of specialization? This is the most crucial question as there are several types of lawyers offering various kinds of legal services. All types of lawyers serve different niches and types of legal cases. Firstly, there is a need to ask a question to assess that you are sitting with the appropriate lawyer who can guide you with your legal problem.

  • Are you Licensed in Dubai and what is your qualification? This may sound a bit of a bold question to ask but it is more of a straightforward question. 
  • A professional lawyer will not hesitate to answer such a blunt yet very important question. In this manner, the client will be in a position to ensure the lawyer has the license to practice in Dubai. In addition, you can also analyze its Expertise, Skills, and Qualifications in more detail.
  • For How Long have you been in the field of law and actively practicing? This question will assist in assessing the lawyer’s experience. The client will be able to assess how many years the lawyers have actively served the market space and what is his exposure.
  • You can also ask questions on his core expertise. For Example, has he spent time mostly on resolving Employment Cases, Real Estate Case, Investment Disputes, Commercial Cases, and Civil Cases etc. We should take it on quite serious basis. Sometimes a lawyer who is well known but not having enough expertise for Divorce, Alimony etc. Therefore check the CORE EXPERTISE, first.  
  • How much Time does the legal case take up? It is the most basic question which every client is eager to explore. Time is money and thus, the client values its time along with its limited resources. The client expects lawyers in Dubai to deliver quality work in less time.
  • Past Cases in DIWAN, do matter a lot. It means if a company has been taken to DIWAN before, or there has been few consequences to Company before by DIWAN, then better to avoid such Law Firms and the Advocates. DIWAN is the Ruler Court for filling cases against Law Firms, Advocates, Semi-Government and Government organizations.  
  • What is the worth of the legal case? This question will assist in determining the time the lawyer will take up to resolve the legal matter. Time is a big constraint in the legal world and thus, being punctual and on time makes a huge difference. Therefore, you need to ask your lawyer about how much time he will take to sort out the matter. Moreover, directly ask him whether he will be able to give it due time the legal case is demanding. 
  • A lawyer who is already Occupied with too much workload may fail to give it the needed time. Inquire about it in advance to be at ease.
  • Ask the Strategy of how the lawyer will handle the specific case. A solid layout and robust strategy are the only way out of the legal problem. Therefore, it is better to inquire from lawyers in Dubai about what they think about the possible way forward.
  • How often do the cases lawyers take to end up in Courts versus the Settlement? This will indicate an approach towards its nature of work and also assist in determining the possible outcome of your legal issue. Ask lawyers in Dubai to have a general idea about the nature of the solutions a lawyer has to offer to you.