Every business needs to communicate with its staff, customers, partners, and vendors. While you can use smartphones, email, and messaging apps, having a reliable phone system can enhance your communication. If you are a new business and want to get a reliable phone system, you can check the business phone system by Clarity Voice. They offer a wide range of business communication solutions that can help you lower your overall costs, scale easily, and control your communication systems from your computer. They offer phone systems for various industries including automotive dealerships, businesses, education centers, food services, entertainment, real estate, legal, and more. Also, you can prefer 0800 numbers for your business which helps your business to get more leads.

Features of a Good Business Phone System

While there are several phone systems available in the market, you should get one that is suitable for your specific business needs. You must take into account your business size, the type of communication you need, your budget, and more before purchasing the phone system. Below are some of the factors to consider:

Is it Scalable?

You will have to add more staff to your company as your business grows. You will also need more phone connections. Some phone systems need elaborate setups or a service call from your provider to add more people. Other phone systems, on the other hand, just plug into your existing computer network. Choose a phone system that is easy to scale so that you don’t always have to depend on someone else. 

Call Volume

Find out how many people can use the phone system at once. The number of calls your company gets in a day can impact how well the phone system works. Select a phone system that lets you get an unlimited number of calls at once. You can end up losing business if your customers are not able to reach you because of your phone systems’ limitations. 

Advanced Features

Choose a phone system with advanced features. Some systems come with built-in features and some others carry an additional fee for every new feature. Speak to your provider and find out about all the different ways you could use the phone. Consider features like call queues, call routing, outlook integration, call reporting, and recording. 

Mobile Friendly

Mobile-friendly phone systems help you receive and make calls from any location. Pick systems that provide desktop and mobile apps to enable your team to connect with other team members and customers from any location. Check if the system provides call forwarding, voicemail sent via email, and VoIP to make communication easy for your staff.

Conference Calls

Conference calls continue to be an important aspect of businesses today. The structure of these calls can be challenging for your phone systems. Consider how you will have conference calls? Will you be using multiple phones at the same time? Will you have many people talking with people outside of your network? All these considerations can impact your phone system. Plan ahead and get a phone system that lets you conduct conference calls with ease. 

Disaster Recovery and Emergency Management

Having open communication lines when a mishap or disaster occurs in your building is critical. Your phone systems should be operational in case of a fire in your building, significant weather events, or even construction work that may disrupt communication. You should be able to respond in times of emergency. Find a provider that can help eliminate downtime for your phone system. Not having communication lines open for a long time can affect your business. 


You will be able to run a successful business only if you have reliable communication channels with your staff, partners, vendors, and customers. Basic continuity and communications will be affected if you don’t have good communication channels. As a result, you will lose the confidence of the people relying on your work and, in turn, lose any potential revenue. Review the phone systems’ backup plans before making the final decision. 

Common Phone Systems

Below are common phone systems that you can choose from for your business:

Virtual Phone Systems

Virtual phone systems are also called softphones. They are software-based solutions with mobile or desktop apps that enable you to receive and make calls using the internet. Ideal for small businesses on a tight budget, they are affordable and easy to install and use. 

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems transmit voice as data on the internet. They offer various features and software integrations, are easily scalable, and are cost-effective. They are ideal for businesses of all sizes.


Landlines or analog phones transmit voice communication via copper wires. They are reliable and offer stability. They are good for small businesses that have landlines already and don’t need telephone upgrades.