Boosting services help their customers get the most out of their games by outsourcing tedious or difficult tasks to other people. That way, the customers could progress through games more easily and focus on the parts that they enjoy. Those services can be combined with coaching to ensure that clients do not suffer from lack of skill from missing out on parts of the game. CakeBoost offers boosting and coaching services for a variety of popular online games, including World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, League of Legends, and parts of the Call of Duty series. Read on to find out why they might be the company for you.

Online Bussines Startup: Game Boosting with CakeBoost

What Is CakeBoost?

CakeBoost got its start in 2015. As a boosting company, it offers a reliable framework for boosting and brings customers into contact with a pool of trusted boosters and coaches. That pool is growing constantly as CakeBoost adds new games to its repertoire. The latest such additions have been New World and Final Fantasy XIV, and there will surely be more down the line. CakeBoost also continues to offer help in long-standing titles like WoW, introducing extra services after content updates and improving older ones to match customer demand. Its experience and customer feedback allow it to continuously refine its offerings.

Here are just some of the things that CakeBoost can do for you:

  • Play through story quests efficiently and quickly, letting you claim all the prizes;
  • Farm currencies and other rewards from various in-game sources;
  • Level up your character or account;
  • Get your character or account to a desired rank or rating in competitive PvP;
  • Collect individual items or a full set of gear needed for your character to compete at a certain level;
  • Unlock cosmetics and other rewards by completing in-game challenges;
  • Complete runs in various instances such as dungeons or raids;
  • Provide coaching for any part of the game, including character builds, map knowledge, and PvE or PvP tactics.

Why Choose CakeBoost?

There are several reasons why many clients might choose CakeBoost over its competitors:

  1. Safety. CakeBoost’s boosters use best practices to keep client accounts and identities safe. They always use VPN and HTTPS encryption. No cheats or third-party services are used;
  2. Support. CakeBoost’s support team may be reached on a 24/7 basis through the site chat, e-mail, Skype, Discord, and Telegram. In addition to real-time support, it offers consultations on all aspects of the service and can recommend boosts that fit customer needs;
  3. Pricing. CakeBoost sets competitive prices that may be lowered further through repeat customer bonuses, discounted bundle offers, and regular special deals;
  4. Quality. CakeBoost’s employees are carefully vetted for both gaming skill and professional responsibility. Together with the policy of assigning boosters to orders based on their specialties, that helps ensure high-quality boost execution;
  5. Versatility. CakeBoost allows its clients a great deal of freedom in selecting the boost optionst they need. Many boosts have a selfplay/sherpa option, which allows you to play from your account with booster help instead of letting your character be piloted by someone else. Youcanalsorequestcustomizedservices.

CakeBoost’s Reviews

The hundreds of overwhelmingly positive reviews collected on CakeBoost’s TrustPilot page attest to its trustworthiness and effectiveness. In addition to confirming the company’s status as a legit boosting service provider, the customers draw attention to the following key advantages:

  1. The company can be relied on to keep its promises, delivering results just as described on the boost’s page;
  2. Boosts are completed quickly and efficiently, sometimes way ahead of the deadline;
  3. Selfplay boosts are enjoyable due to the competence and friendly, professional attitude of the boosters;
  4. The support team is polite and responsive, handling all issues professionally and without delays;
  5. Coaches are also professional and know a lot about their respective games;
  6. Communications in general are very smooth and efficient;
  7. Service prices are affordable and often the best on the market.