The cricket committee chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC), Anil Kumble, said Wednesday that cricket has an advantage over other sports because the field can be configured to maintain balance by beating the ball.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the ICC Cricket Committee to make a decision to ban the use of saliva to restart cricket. There has been talk of allowing other artificial substances to help bowlers shine the ball without using saliva,. But that was not suggested by the committee.

Kumble said the committee decided not to allow this because it has always been the custom.

“Our intention was to start cricket. We can’t call it normal, but it’s the new standard that we all have to get used to, “said Kumble at a FICCI webinar titled Sports Events: Adopting the New Standard.”

“The safety and security of the players is a major concern and with this in mind, and based on medical advice. We believe that saliva could be the main contributor to the transmission of this disease.

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“So we banned the use of saliva, although it is second nature in cricket. This is why players will find it difficult to manage. In training, they will have to start slowly. It’s not just about coming back and playing, it’s also about coming back after two and a half months of lockdown, “said legendary leg spinner and former India captain Kumble.

“Especially if you are a melon, you must have these balls under your belt before starting the competition. It is therefore important to return as slowly as possible and gradually to normal.

“The advantage of cricket over other sports is that there is an adjustable height variation element that few sports have.

“We on the cricket committee think that if you want a better balance between the bat and the ball … all these years we have been very careful about what to use and what not to use on the ball.. But to go back and relax, this is something we thought about on the cricket committee that we shouldn’t be doing.

“In cricket, you can manage the pitch to get a better balance between the bat and the ball. The idea was to start cricket. There will be challenges and you will have to play one game at a time, ”added the 49-year-old.

Kumble opinion players must play warm-up matches and charge before approaching a test match after such a long break.

“Players will need to have some sort of backup to load the body before playing a test match.

“It is not easy for bowlers to throw 30 overs and also difficult for drummers. So probably a few friendlies before starting a test match. “